Biden Supports Johnson's Ukraine Aid Package

Speaker Johnson to bring four Bills to the House Floor to Borrow Money to Fund Aid for Ukraine, Israel and "the Indo-Pacific" but ZERO Action to Close US Border which 85% of Americans WANT!

UPDATE: House Passes Foreign Aid Bills with Democrats Majority of Votes

by Laura Wellington, The Western Journal, April 18, 2024

That didn’t take long, now did it? Louisiana Republican Speaker Mike Johnson was supposed to protect American’s money and national interests, not join President Joe Biden and Democrats in their charge to give more of it away.

Yet on Wednesday, Johnson decided to add to the $34 trillion in national debt by proposing three separate bills providing aid to Ukraine, Israel and the Indo-Pacific — and he’s got Biden’s blessing in doing so. I’d like to know where that money is actually coming from as American taxpayers pockets are fresh out.

People are skipping eating just to make mortgage payments. Fifty-seven percent of young adults between the age of 18-24 have moved back home, the largest number since the Great Depression. Over 8 million illegals have already flooded our borders and are now demanding Americans continue to pay for their free and easy lifestyles. Squatters are overtaking vacant homes. Pawn shops are at capacity due to people selling their things merely to survive. Americans are taking on extra shifts, second jobs, and dipping into their savings out of desperation.

None of that speaks to extra money to help anyone else. Biden and the Democrats have been driving the United States into the ground with the open checkbook they seem to think they have, and now Johnson has joined them.

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According to The Hill, Biden responded to Johnson’s proposal with the following, “The House must pass the package this week and the Senate should quickly follow. I will sign this into law immediately to send a message to the world: We stand with our friends, and we won’t let Iran or Russia succeed.”

“I strongly support this package to get critical support to Israel and Ukraine, provide desperately needed humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza, and bolster security and stability in the Indo-Pacific. Israel is facing unprecedented attacks from Iran, and Ukraine is facing continued bombardment from Russia that has intensified dramatically in the last month,” the president continued.

Johnson’s plan includes four bills in total, with the fourth comprised of many Republican priorities, including a ban or sale of TikTok. According to the Wall Street Journal, the “$95 billion aid package … largely matches the price tag and contours of a measure that passed the Democratic-controlled Senate earlier this year.”

The difference is that it is broken out in four bills allowing for hard-line Republicans like Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to veto sending aid abroad, without killing the national security priorities embedded in another bill. Already keen on removing Johnson from the speakership, Greene now has the commitment of Kentucky GOP Rep. Thomas Massie if she puts forth a formal motion.

As the bills don’t address any security measures at the border or border policy at all, plenty of Republicans are angry. Tennessee Rep. Andy Ogles believes Johnson is giving up a significant negotiation tool without addressing the border crisis in these bills. Part of the hard-line House Freedom Caucus, he believes that Ukraine should look for its money elsewhere.

Having already been given a whopping $113 billion from the United States, with no accounting to be had but lots of rumors of squandering and money laundering instead, the notion that Johnson is pushing forth any bill to give Ukraine more is dumbfounding. What exactly has happened to Mike Johnson since he took on the role of speaker?

One comment on X appropriately shared just how fed up the American people are by this constant aid to everyone but our nation: “Do you see what is happening? Iran shot missiles at Israel, and the US government want to use that as an excuse to justify sending $50 billion more to Ukraine. MAGA GOP just recently removed McCarthy as Speaker over funding for Ukraine. Looks like it’s time to do it again.”



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