Steve Bannon Victory or Death Speech


Stephen K. Bannon spoke at the Turning Point People’s Convention in Detroit this weekend, telling an audience of thousands, “Victory, or death!” as the culmination of a 20-minute long address that touched on the 2020 election, the necessity of MAGA volunteers across the U.S., and the intent of the political establishment to jail President Trump on July 11th.

“Are we at war? Is this a political war to the knife? Are you prepared to leave it all on the battlefield in 2024? There’s no other chance. You realize if they win, if they steal this election, because they can’t win the election, right? No chance they can win it. If they steal this election and they fully intend to steal it, this republic ends,” Bannon said.


You are the vanguard of a revolution. Do you understand that? Trump. Trump. Trump. Trump. Trump. Do you understand the inspiration that you give to the world, the young people here today? What do you think inspires, what do you think inspires Germany and France and the United Kingdom? The young people in those nations are rising up against their Marxist leaders for freedom and liberty and its Turning Point. And you, that are inspiring them.

Are we at war? Is this a political war to the knife? Are you prepared to leave it all on the battlefield in 2024? There’s no other chance. You realize if they win, if they steal this election, because they can’t win the election, right? No chance they can win it. If they steal this election and they fully intend to steal it, this republic ends. That’s what the burden’s on your shoulders. Look what they’ve done. Look what the Biden regime has done since the scene of the crime right here in this building where they stole the 2020 election. Look what the Biden regime has done.

I don’t need to go through the litany of how they destroyed this country, particularly on the three big things: the invasion, the overspending that destroyed the economy and left inflation, right, the invasion and the forever wars that they refuse to back off. But what they’ve done is something even worse. They turned, they’ve turned the legal system. They’ve turned the legal system, whether it’s bankruptcy, whether it is taking away somebody’s law license, whether it’s debanking. And they have the greatest president this nation’s had since Abraham Lincoln. They’re about to put him, by the way, you know, on the 11 July, they’re going to sentence him for multiple years in prison. You understand that, right? You understand what they’re doing in New York? And then they’re going to limit, they’re going to limit how he can travel, how it’s going to be court supervised.

Why is that? To steal the election. To steal the election. Under no circumstances can they have the Trump, the Trump administration take back over. They can’t have MAGA rule the country. They don’t care about this election. They don’t care how many votes we get. They’re going to fight us every step of the way. Look, it’s between now and November 5 and what Charlie and the team here and you guys go through these workshops and get out the vote and chase the ballots. And voter integrity is everything. But just winning in November is just the first step. Then, from November 5 to the 6th, Jamie Raskin is going to try to steal the election. On January 6. He’s going to. They’re already talking about right now to say President Trump’s an insurrectionist and we will never certify an election of an insurrectionist. Raskin talks about it all the time. That’s why we have to take the House, even by just one seat.

And then, and then, and then starting on high noon on the 20 January, when President Trump takes his hand off the King James Bible. Now, are all you folks going to be there on that day? You better be. We’re gonna have one hell of a party that night, are we not? They haven’t seen a party like that since Andrew Jackson’s crowd showed up taking the drapes out of the White House. I think after Biden, we’re going to have an exorcism. Correct? That afternoon for Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden and Hunter Biden, all in the Biden, they’re a bunch of feral dogs, right? It’s a family of feral dogs. We’re going to have to fumigate in it and have an exorcism.

That’s where the real work starts. The real work’s going to start on the afternoon, the 20th. And the first thing we gotta, we gotta stop the forever wars, particularly in Ukraine. No more money. No more money for Ukraine. Not a penny, not a penny. We’ve got to stop the massive spending and what’s destroyed the economy. We also have to begin to end the Fed and we need to get in back of independent cryptocurrencies. Not a central bank, digital currency, where they’re going to control you. Correct. And most importantly, he’s got to seal the southern border, and we got to start the deportation of 10 to 15 million. That’s the three big things.

But trust me, on the afternoon of the 20th, we’re also going to start the pick and shovel work to take apart the administrative state and to take on its rogue element, the praetorian guard, the deep state. We’re going to run them all out of town. Hey, hey, Merrick Garland. Merrick Garland. Let me give you a heads-up, bro. You’re not going to be able to have your Department of Justice send a memo and say, oh, he should be prosecuted, and then have Department of Justice say, oh, well, I’m not going to prosecute myself, right, for holding back the tapes that we know show the lives of Joe Biden, the treason of Joe Biden, and how enfeebled he is. After that. It’s not the tapes we’re coming after. Lisa Monaco, Merrick Garland, the senior members of DOJ that have prosecuted President Trump.

Jack Smith, and this is not about vengeance. This is not about revenge. This is not about retribution. This is about saving this republic. We’re going to use the Constitution. We’re going to use the Constitution. We’re going to use the constitution in the rule of law to go after you and hold you accountable. November 5 is Judgment Day. January 20, 2025, is accountability day. You’re going to have a man up here tonight at 06:00 the 06:00 this evening or thereabouts. You know, President Trump’s schedule, having been to a Turning Point conference before. And President Trump is coming here both to give a speech, a rally speech, and also to give Q and A. That’s how highly he thinks of Charlie Kirk and you guys. President Trump, when he takes this stand tonight, is now eligible for 700 years in prison. They want him to serve all of it. They bankrupted him. They smeared his name. And on July 11, they’re going to start by giving him a several-year prison sentence and have Judge Merchan be the custodian of where he can go and how he campaigned in Direct election interference.

Let me tell the people that have done that to President Trump, whether you’re in the federal government or whether you’re down in the state of Georgia or you’re in Arizona or you’re initially, we are going to go and we’re going to get every single receipt into the fullest extension of the law. You are going to be investigated, prosecuted and incarcerated. Okay? We are not going to stop. This has nothing to do with retribution, has nothing to do with revenge because retribution, revenge might be another order of magnitude. This has to do with justice. We’ve got to go back to the beginning. We’ve got to go back to Russiagate. We’ve got to go back to who did that. We’ve got to go back to Mueller’s commission. We got to go back to Andrew Weissman and MSNBC and the New York Times and all of it, right? They stole it. We got to go back there. We’ve got to go back, we got to go back to the pandemic. We have to go back to the George Floyd Summer of love. We have to investigate it all. We have to go back, we have to go back to the 3 November of 2020. We must go back and we’ve got to adjudicate how they stole it and who stole it. We have to go to January 6 and we have to find out every FBI agent or the CIA, DHS, Chris Wray, all of them. The Fedsurrection must be investigated.

The afternoon of January 20, we must free the 1400 patriots and must incarcerate the criminals. Every patriot and Patriot grave, from the revolution to the civil war to Normandy. Now, this 80th anniversary of Saipan, which is big as Normandy, every patriot that died on a battlefield demands it of us. They demand it. They say, we bequeath. We gave all to give you this republic. And look what you allowed to happen. Well, guess what? It stops on the afternoon of the 20 January, 2025. Because then, then the criminals in this government, the criminals on Wall street, the criminals in Silicon Valley, that’s when it’s going to start. That’s when accountability day starts. And we must go there.

MSNBC and the Biden-Harris campaign, they’re clipping this right now. Look at this. This is all they’re talking about. This is not all we’re talking about. President Trump’s talking about peace and prosperity, just like he gave us for three and a half years before the Chinese Communist Party Him with a bioweapon. He’s talking about ending the war in Ukraine, he’s talking about ending the war in the Middle East. He’s talking about backing down China from Taiwan. He wants peace. And only a strong man can give us peace. Only a leader can give us peace. We’ve seen what a feckless, hapless old man can do. President Trump is going to get the tax cuts back, have a growth plan, and stop the massive federal spending. And most important, he’s going to seal the border and deport not just the criminals, not just the sick. He’s going to deport every single illegal alien that came here on Joe Biden’s watch, and you’re going back home. But that leaves plenty of time to set things right.

And that’s where you come in. You’re the vanguard of this revolution. We are not prepared to be governed by criminals and we are going to purge DOJ. We’re going to take apart the FBI, the FBI, the American Gestapo. That building on Pennsylvania Avenue. We don’t need $400 million for a new headquarters. You’re not going to need a headquarters. You’re not going to be in the FBI. We’re going to get everybody out of that building. We’re going to take it down ugly slab by ugly slab is the ugliest building on Pennsylvania Avenue. And we’re going to do what the Romans did to Carthage. We’re going to salt the earth around it so there’ll never be another building there again in mainstream media. Don’t sit there. Go. They want to get rid of the FBI. They’re doing such great work on terrorism. They’re doing such great work on this and that. Yeah, they did great work on terrorism. 9/11, great work. You haven’t gotten anything right. And the CIA hadn’t got anything right in 50 years because you’re spending all your time going after Catholics, pray, praying rosaries at abortion centers. You’re going after moms and dads, going to school boards. You’re an American Gestapo. And it’s going to end on our watch.

And we’re going to rebuild something else. There’ll be something that comes up and is rebuilt along the lines that’s appropriate. Not a federal police force. Not a federal police force that’s in citizens business. Not a federal police force that with jackboots kicking down doors and arresting innocent people, you’re going to be put on a short leash. Like the CIA is going to be on a short lease. The DOJ is going to be in a short leash. It’s going to be a new day. And Maga will run things. The globalist elite, uniparty will not run things in this country. Now, here’s the whole reason I came here today is about President Trump and the team around President Trump, whether it’s Roger Stone or Rudy Giuliani or John Eastman or, you know, Alex Jones, Alex Jones, every person that has defended President Trump, whether they’re a lawyer, whether they’re a media person, Tucker Carlson, they’re trying to, they’re trying to debank people, they’re trying to de-platform people. They’re trying to take their law license away and scare lawyers from defending people. They’re turning people into political prisoners and sending people to prison. And they will send every one of you in this audience to prison also. That’s why they’re coming for Trump.

But the concept, the concept that you have to embed, whether it’s President Trump or Tucker Carlson or Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, Peter Navarro, James O’Keefe, whoever, we’re just the first wave. We’re like the first wave of the Normandy beaches. You’re the second, the third, the fourth. It’s next man up and next woman up. The only way we lose is if we quit. They know that this, this movement is ascendant. We are two-thirds of the nation, maybe 75% of the nation. We just have to get the word out to them. And that’s you. And when anybody falls, when everybody’s taken off, whether they’re put in jail, whether they’re bankrupt, whether they are, they’re de-platformed de banked. They lost their law license. You must step into the breach. Nobody else. Check yourself. You, if you commit to that, if your task and purpose is saving your country, this country will be saved.

Understand, you’re exactly like the patriots in 1774 and 1775. You’re fighting a tyranny, and you’re fighting monopolistic economic power. They, they only had, like, 3% at the beginning, then 5%, then 10%, but they never had more than a third. We have over half the nation right now. Biden didn’t get 81 million votes. The 74 million votes that were won in a landslide, they hadn’t stolen it. You know that, I know that, and they know that. The only thing that defeats us is if we stop. If we don’t stop, we grow more powerful and larger every single day. And when on November 5, when you send a message, when you send a message to Davos and Brussels in Geneva and Wall Street and Silicon Valley and Beverly Hills, they’re going to know that Maga is not only ascended, Maga is in charge.

Between now and election day, they’re going to try to take out so many people. And that’s where it’s next man up. It’s next woman up. Are you prepared to fight? Are you prepared to give it all? Are you prepared to leave it all on the battlefield? I can’t hear you. And they can’t hear you. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s very simple. Victory or death.

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