Action Needed to Stop Leftist Attacks on our Children

We only have until September 12th to Stop this ILLEGAL attempt to Undermine our Laws that will Destroy Education and hurt our Children!

Update: Biden’s controversial Title IX rule bombarded with record number of comments from concerned parents - Thank YOU Patriots!

My Fellow Patriots, let me take a minute to explain the seriousness of this latest, and illegal, threat from the Left so that you can follow the instructions below and take action. It is real simple but most people don't see it. 

The law must ALWAYS be objective, meaning based on facts, not subjective, meaning based on emotions or opinion. For Example, we have laws about speeding, and a policeman can stop you for speeding and give you a ticket, but if the policeman doesn't have a radar reading proving that you were going 70 in a 55 mph zone you are not going to have to pay that ticket. The law is based on facts. Would you like to have police be able to give you a ticket because they "thought" that you were going too fast or they "felt" you were speeding? Of course not. 

So, Title IX is a Federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs and activities. I fought for Title IX when I was a women's sports coach. Like other civil rights laws that prohibit discrimination based on age, race, veterans status, etc. none of those things are subjective. They are based on facts that can be proven. Your birth certificate will prove your age, your race can be determined by DNA tests, and your sex can be determined by your chromosomes and your DNA. The definition of "sex" under Title IX is boy or girl. Period.

What the Left is using the Biden Regime to try and do is to change the objective definition of sex to included sexual orientation and gender identity - which are subjective! Today I "feel" like a boy, tomorrow I "feel" like a girl. Including such insanity into law, and gender dysphoria is a mental illness, is INTENDED to destroy the law and create chaos in our schools. If implemented it will allow discrimination against your children and grandchildren under the false premise of protecting the "rights" of transgender students. Worse, the communist left will use this "change" to "require" the teaching of deviant sexual behavior to our children at ALL grade levels. They will use it to hurt our children when they are most vulnerable to indoctrination and manipulation.

We cannot have a civil society if we don't have objective laws that are fair to everyone. We cannot allow the Left to create this tool of destruction to further attack our children, our family structure, our faith, and our national values. That is their goal! That is why I ask YOU to ACT NOW and follow the instructions below to make your voice heard. I hope this explanation helps you grasp the seriousness of this threat.

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention

Title IX Action Needed Now!

As you may know, the Biden Department of Education has declared its intent to go around Congress and change the rules concerning Title IX to now cover sexual orientation and gender identity. This will endorse gender identity ideology in all public schools as a federal mandate, with devastating effects on parental rights, children’s health, and girl’s privacy and sports opportunities.

We have only until September 12 for people to submit public comments about the negative impacts these proposed rules will have in order to help stop them from ultimately being adopted.

The Title IX website page is where people can submit public comments directly to the Federal Register and they’ll find easy to follow instructions and comment starters to help them create their public comments (remember, carbon copied comments won’t be counted).



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