Letter to Congress about Lack of Hearing Coverage


February 12, 2023

Congressman Jim Jordan
Ohio 4th District
C/O 2056 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC  20515

Dear Congressmen Jordan,

We clearly understand that every Republican in the US House, and their staffs, are overwhelmed by the work it takes to prepare for the unprecedented number of hearings and investigation that must take place over the next two years to restore good governance and the rule of law to our nation. We cannot express how much we support you in these historically important efforts and we know it will be very difficult for all of you.

That being said, I am writing to help you make sure that these effort you are making result in the maximum benefit possible. We all agree that the MAIN PURPOSE of these hearings and investigations is to inform the American People about these serious threats to our liberty, our economy, our health, our culture and our very sovereignty. That only happens if “we" can get “the word out” to the American people as it were and we knew from the start the deep state controlled “media” will not help to get that done. In fact they are going to try to intentionally mislead the American people and keep it from getting out. Therefore, we can agree that we must take whatever action is necessary to make this information widely available.

It is my opinion that we are doing no where near enough to inform the American people and conservative media and this fact needs your immediate attention. Here are my simple suggestions for starters:

  • Setup your own cameras and microphone to stream the live coverage of EVERY HEARING on your own Rumble Channel EVERY DAY.  C-SPAN is not cutting it. Many of us don’t have C-SPAN 3. You have to make it EASIER for the American People to SEE IT.  This is VERY easy to do and cost almost nothing. If you don’t have staff to do it, hire them or let us know and we will do it for you.
  • Hire professionals to monitor EVERY HEARING and capture important/significant moments during the day, like sports production teams capture big plays for instant replay live during games, and have them create a “highlight package” EVERY DAY for EVERY HEARING that is posted on Rumble or another website where the public, but more importantly the conservative media including podcasters can easily access it and download the video for their on use to “get the word out”! These professionals do not have to be located at the hearings, they can be anywhere in the nation and simply have to run the live audio/video stream through their equipment in their home studio. If you need help, again we will organize this for you.
  • Hire professional writers to view the “highlight package” from EVERY HEARING at the end of each day and write a short description of each highlight that explains the context of the highlight, who was involved, and why it was a significant moment, perhaps along with some links to pertinent information, that will be posted on the Rumble page or website where the highlights are posted. This will give the public the information they need to understand why what they are seeing is important for them to know and to share with other citizens.
  • Hire a team of “Social Media Promoters” to post key highlights EVERY DAY from EVERY HEARING on all social media - including Tick Tok. Just short video clips. On Facebook, Twitter, TruthSocial, Parler, Instagram, Signal, EVERYWHERE - EVERYDAY- FOR EVERY HEARING. This is how you “get the word out” to the American People today.
  • Get ahold of the RNC and DEMAND that they coordinate a plan to have all 50 State Republican Parties put these highlights on their state party websites and on their state party social media accounts EVERY DAY. Have them work to get their County Republican Parties to do the same and ADVERTISE to the Republican Voters in their state and counties to follow the hearings on their websites and social Media.
  • If you provide this content in a way that can be easily viewed, captured and disseminated thousands off conservative podcasters and content providers will take advantage of this resource to more efficiently and effectively get this information out to the public in a way the will be both informative and persuasive.

That is it for starters. You could do much more but you MUST DO THESE THINGS or you are not serious and you are not going to get the benefit from these hearings that you seek and that WE NEED TO SAVE OR NATION!

To my knowledge NONE of this is being done. That is unconscionable. It is inexcusable. It defies simple common sense. If you need help to get these things done NOW - THIS WEEK - we are at your service as would be hundreds of conservative professional Patriots who have the skills necessary to make this happen. Please implement these suggestion or let us know how we can help!

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention

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