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If you love America, and are concerned for its future, and for the future of your children and grandchildren, then you should support the We the People Convention. We are relentless in the fight to protect and defend the individual freedom, liberty and prosperity of ALL Americans. In a world of political correctness we are speaking out, telling the truth, and exposing the lies of the left in our videos, on social media, in our emails, on our website, and at our public educational and motivational events.

But that is not all. While we play an important educational role, we are not about just talking the talk, we are about walking the walk. The We the People Convention deserves your support because we take action to reform the corrupt Republican Party and to  fix our corrupt political and electoral systems. We affect change by registering people to vote, and turning out the vote, and fighting for issues at the local, state and federal levels.

In 2016, the We the People Convention joined forces with the NRA in Ohio to win the state for Donald Trump, when no one was supporting Trump in Ohio, including our Governor and the “Republican” Party, and no one predicted he could win the state. We knew that if Trump did not win Ohio that he could not be President. So we took action!

We recruited, motivated and directed thousands of grassroots activists in Ohio who set records for the number of doors knocked, the number of calls made, and the number of events held in support of Trump. Our poll, which we not only paid for but conducted ourselves, was the ONLY poll to predict Trump’s 8% win in Ohio. It was OUR efforts, based on YOUR donations, that won Ohio and assured Trump would become President!

Then in 2020 we knew if Trump was going to get re-elected, we had to win Ohio again, and we had to do it without social media which was going go censor our voices. We built a state-wide radio network, we conducted Trump Train Road Rallies, we did a massive Barn Billboard Program, we partnered again with the NRA, we manned the polls and stopped the left from rigging the Ohio Election and you can read about that here. The results were another 8% win for Trump in Ohio.

Unfortunately, we could not implement our Ohio plan in other states to stop the cheating and insure his 2nd term. Now we have hard work to do to fix the rigged voting system in all states, to prove the voter fraud that took place in 2020, to defeat the censorship of Big Tech, to re-take control of the House and Senate in 2022 and to impeach Biden and Harris in 2023.

Finally, you need to support the We the People Convention, because it is past time for us to build structure and institutionalize the TEA Party Movement so that we can become the counter to the Progressive Movement that is so despirately needed.  ALL movements either make this transition or they die - and it takes money to build structures that last. If all that we have accomplished and learned in the past 10 years is to continue to sustain our nation, our values, and our Constitution, we MUST take this crucial step and we must take it NOW.

We no longer need to look to "political experts" to tell us what needs to be done and how to do it. We know better than anyone what needs to be done and we know better than anyone how to do it in our communities. It is long past time for us to stand on our own two feet and become the political force for good that we can be - that I would argue, we must become!  

Your donation today is required if we are to achieve these important goals and protect our selves, our families, and the nation that we love so deeply. We often ask for your time and your effort, but we must have your financial support as well.


Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention


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