Time to Audit the ORP State Central Committee

 If we are to have Fair Elections . . .
The ORP Must Stop Endorsing in the Primaries!


Ohio Republican Chairman Jane Timken did NOT keep the promise she made in this video even though we worked to elect her Chairman because of this pledge. Instead, she and the ORP State Central Committee, interfered with your choices in the 2018 primary elections by picking winners and losers when they endorsed in the primary and gave party support only to the candidates they wanted to win. The "Republican" party also endorses in the primary in far too many county primary elections. This MUST STOP and we need to take action to make it stop NOW with the filing deadline for next years primary just a few months away!


Now, as you can image they don't want to be forced to pledge not to endorse anyone in the primary and not to use party resourses (i.e. money) selectively in the primary as we ask you to do below. Be prepared, they will claim that it is "illegal" for them to trade a promise to vote a certain way in exchange for campaign support! That is BS. As a voter you have every right to know where a candidate for office, including party offices, stands on an important issue. There is no more important issue than not endorsing in the primary for a state party official!

They will also claim that they just "have to endorse incumbents" for Congress and state offices because they have the best chance to win in the general election. That to is BS. All that means is that the "Republican" Party does not want to hold it's elected officials accountable for how they vote and they are unwilling to allow YOU the voter to hold them accountable with your vote! By endorsing incumbents they deny the true Republican voters that chance to throw the bums out who lie to us and stab us in the back!

In other words, they don't believe in our system of government where the people choose their Representatives! The evidence is clear that candidates who have vigorous challenges in the primary do BETTER in the general election because they hone their message and are more likely to get broader support from the true Republican voters because they made a covincing case for election!

Listen, if an incumbent "Republican" is so incompetent that they can't beat a challenger in a primary without a party endorsement - when they will already have way more money from special interests and huge advantages in name recognition - then they deserve to lose and they should!

So, it's real simple, if your state and county central committee members will not put that pledge in writing then they need to be to be replaced immediately. If they will put that in writing, there is no guarantee they will actually vote that way, but we will have the fact that they broke there pledge in writing and we will use that to defeat them next time!

This is what YOU can do to get better candidates and fair elections:

1) Contact YOUR State CC Representative (Click Here to download contact info)

2) Ask them:
"Will you commit in writing to never vote to endorse ANYONE in a Republican Primary?"

3) Ask them:
"Will you vote ONLY to use Party resources EQUALLY for ALL candidates in a Primary?"

4) Ask them to send you an email putting their pledge in writing

5) Forward their email pledge to John McAvoy, OLC President, at john@toledoteaparty.com

6) If your State CC Representative will NOT make the pledge, start recruiting a challenger for the March 2020 Primary

7) When you have identified a challenger, send their contact information to John McAvoy at john@toledoteaparty.com

8) Your candidate will be contacted to be vetted - they will need to file to run by DECEMBER 17, 2019

9) Once they have filed they will be provided with resources for their campaign to WIN the March 2020 Primary

10) Contact your County Central Committee and demand they not endorse in the primary!

Please do your part! Audit your State and County "Republican" Central Committee this WEEK and get that information to John McAvoy as soon as you can. We will publish the list of those who made the pledge and those who did not as soon as the audit is complete. We will NOT disclose the names of those you recruit to run until they are vetted and we are ready to endorse them to replace the incumbent.

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention


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