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After a TEA Party fueled take back of the US House in 2010, where we elected a historic 64 new members of congress,  the Obama Administration used the full power of the Federal Government, led by the dreaded IRS and other agencies, with the full support of crooked cops like Robert Mueller who was then the FBI Director, to go after common American citizens in order to steal the 2012 Presidential election . . .

Under this withering attack, that scared away group members and donors in 2012 and even forced many groups to shut down, The TEA Party did not give up, we fought back and took on the IRS . . . and we then took back control of the US Senate in 2014, and played a major roll in electing Donald Trump President in 2016 . . .

For six years, the TEA Party fought the IRS in Court and we won . . .  we made them pay $3.2 million in damages in the NorCal Case and we won a major ruling in Federal Court that stops the IRS from ever again targeting anyone because of their politcial view or positions . . .

This is the story of how common Americans can fight the Federal Government, and even the IRS and Win . . .

At a time when the America People are fighting the Federal Government to Demand Equal Justice Under the Law, so that those who tried to steal the 2016 Presidential election are prosecuted, to prevent them and their fellow deep state actors from stealing the 2020 election . . .

It is important for All Citizens to see this moving story and know that not only can we fight the Federal Government but we can take back control of our Federal Government - if we just have the courage to fight the fight to defend our rights, our freedom and our liberty . . .



Here are specific Actions YOU Should take RIGHT NOW:

1) Organize a sign-wave on an interstate bridge or busy intersection in your community.

2)  Call/Write to US Attorney General William Barr and DEMAND that those in the DOJ/FBI/CIA/NSA/State Dept/White House and other federal agencies who broke the law be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! Barr will not have the courage to act without public pressure.

3) Make Plans NOW to Protest in your Community or at the nearest FBI office or DOJ Office (Northern Ohio - Southern Ohio) if charges are not filed against the perpetrators of the Trump Coup Attempt. 

4) Write Letters to the Editor and call-in to local talk radio shows explaining that without equal justice for all the United States can not exist.  Demand that law enforcement at all levels start doing their jobs and start treating all citizens equally.

5) Put your Trump sign back out in your yard to show support for our duely electect President and fly your Trump 2020 flag!

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Assassination Attempt Not A Surprise in Today's Environment

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