AFP/KOCH Network is WRONG to Side with Big Tech

AFP/KOCH Network is WRONG to side with Big Tech because they have no other plan to stop Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the others from censoring our conservative voices during next year's election. When they first came out with their letter to Congress in July demanding the Congress not investigate social media censorship, we called them out.  I asked them directly, if they don't want government to step in and FIX WHAT IT BROKE, then what is their plan?  They didn't have a plan!

See they are giving the old libertarian line "we are against government interfering with business" so don't step in and regulate Big Tech. The problem with that is that government ALREADY regulated Big Tech when it gave them unbelievable rights under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act and in other ways.  So when we celebrated Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost joining with other State Attorney Generals to investigate Big Tech anti-trust activity, we saw this as a good thing because Big Tech is now a monopolistic monster that is destroying our first amendment rights, our election system, and our nation and they need to be STOPPED! 

So what does AFP/Koch do? They are now running Ads on Facebook asking people to demand that the State Attorney Generals NOT Investigate Big Tech!! What????  That's right. So much for being defenders of Freedom. You can read it below. After you do, be sure to call you local AFP contact and tell them how wrong they are and call Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost and tell him to go get them! 


Koch group launches ads defending Silicon Valley against state AG probes

By STEVEN OVERLY | 09/11/2019 10:05 AM EDT| Politico

A conservative advocacy group that serves as the Koch family's political arm is coming to Silicon Valley's defense to push back against antitrust probes Google and Facebook are now facing from a vast array of state attorneys general.

Americans for Prosperity will release advertisements on Facebook prodding users to contact their attorneys general and urge them not to turn the investigations into a "political spectacle." The ads are slated to run for two weeks but will likely continue, the organization said. They'll initially run in nine states whose AGs are involved in one or both probes.

"There are serious consequences to abusing this kind of enforcement that create troubling ripple effects for American workers and families. The AGs involved should not use this investigation as a means to score political points," Billy Easley, AFP's senior tech policy analyst, said in a statement.
In launching the campaign, the conservative group is fashioning itself as a visible defender of the tech industry, whose list of allies is shrinking amid censure and scrutiny from across the political spectrum. The Google probe has drawn in every Democratic and Republican state AG except those from California and Alabama. That bipartisan team-up reflects still broader political headwinds, as Washington policymakers voice concern over the industry's biggest players controlling too much of the market. 

A link in the AFP ad directs internet users to a form letter. In one addressed to Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who is leading the Google probe, AFP states: "Too often, we see politicians using antitrust investigations to create a political spectacle while abusing its intended purpose."

"Setting a standard of punishing companies for size or success would mean risking the jobs of countless Americans," the letter adds. 

Paxton has already used his role at the helm of the investigation for political purposes. He solicited donations on Tuesday, for instance, in an email that touted his chutzpah for bringing the fight to "Silicon Valley titans," according to an email obtained by POLITICO.

"We will continue to fight for your rights and to protect you from monopolistic practices by liberal elites in DC ... or in Silicon Valley," the email states. 

And the state-led antitrust investigations have been tinged with political drama from the start. The group of AGs from 48 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico took to the steps of the Supreme Court for their Monday announcement, telling a throng of reporters that they had banded together to investigate Google's popular search engine and lucrative digital advertising business.


Source: Politico
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