Why is FEMA doing a National Emergency Test October 4th?

What should We, YOU, do about the FEMA "Emergency Notification" Phone Test on Wednesday, October 4th - if anything? Why are they doing it? 

This young man makes a very interesting logical case explaining his concerns about the National Phone Warning Test that FEMA has planned for this Wednesday, October 4th. His question is “What kind of disaster is this a test for?” The only answers are things like War, a new Pandemic, or Martial Law. No other “Emergency” affects the entire country at the same time. Please take ten minutes to view the video.

One of our members sent this to me and was concerned about what to do. So, I was wondering what I should we tell YOU and our members. Should I tell them to turn off their phones and not accept the message? Should I go further, should we shut off our phones and wrap them in aluminum foil and put them in a metal box so they could not receive the signal? What would that accomplish? Should we just use this as an opportunity to educate ourselves about the dangers of just following government instruction blindly? Should we talk about questioning ANY messages the government will send out just like many of us questioned the Government instructions about Covid? What message would be most helpful to our fellow citizens?

I got this via text from a friend:

So, a few questions:
1) How will this test benefit us? If we have our phone on, the broadcast will undoubtedly reach our phone, so what is the purpose of the test? (As the video states, we already receive Amber alerts, so we know the alert system works regionally.)
2) How will our phone receiving this alert enable the government to shut down our phones. Are they documenting something like IP addresses for every phone? Why wouldn’t they just shut down the service providers to make us go dark?
3) Will turning off our phones prevent the government from accessing whatever they can access with them on or would we have to remove the SIM cards (IPhone 14s don’t even have removable SIM cards).

The good news is they aren’t planning on an EMP event because our phones wouldn’t work anyway. As a side note, if you want to read a scary, depressing book, try One Second After. It’s about life after an EMP hits the U.S. (Spoiler alert - most of us die.)

My Response: All good questions. The more you think about it the more sinister this appears. Why now? If we shutoff our phones and pull the sim cards does that just give them a list of the people who will resist? What data are the Phone Companies returning to the Government after the test, if any, and is that legal? 

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention

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