We are in the Middle of a Revolution

Victor Davis Hanson explains that there is no Democratic Party anymore - it's a woke hardcore leftist revolutionary movement. 

Tucker, I think that we're seeing war clouds gather abroad and I think the United States economy, politically, foreign policy is at an end.

And we've lost all credibility That we've stored up over 233 years. We have no moral credibility to lecture people about the Democratic process and your previous guests have spelled it out pretty well.

They have an agenda on the left that does not appeal to 51% of the people. So they attack the process and they attack the candidate and what we're seeing is not the end of it.

This tonight was the very beginning, this is going to go on through three prosecutors for a year and a half with the intent of getting just enough empathy for Donald Trump that he will be nominated and then seeing him gag ordered and maybe even incarcerated to nullify his viability in the general election. So it's the worst example of third world election tampering.

They don't have a message. So whether it's symbolically tearing up the state of the union or denying the speaker the minority leader in the house appointments or trying to threaten the filibuster to be ended or the electoral college or pack the court, it's all processed because they don't have a message and they're desperate, they're revolutionaries, we're in the middle of a revolution that we don't even know that we're in . . .

I think Donald Trump said as much as he could, but I imagine that in the next week we'll see a gag order leveled against him and then the other prosecutors will be encouraged. And this is going to go on this cycle, the drama is going to go on for a year and a half, which is entirely the point.

Tucker Carlson asks: "Is there not a single Democrat in Washington who cares about the country enough to say what you just said?"

I don't think so. I think some people like Joe Manchin have spoken out but uh there's no Democratic Party anymore.

It doesn't exist.

It's, it, it's not even a progressive party. It's a woke hardcore leftist revolutionary movement. It has no popular support.

But throughout history, such movements didn't really need, they didn't need it. They got power anyway.


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