Trump Pivots toward Getting Back to Work!

Yesterday, President Trump got the message loud and clear that it is "time to get America back to work!" Your calls to the White House WORKED!

The President made it clear in his Press Conference that when the 15 days of lockdown are over, next Monday, America is going back to WORK sooner than later! Thank you to all of you who called. I had reports that the White House switchboard was busy all day. Your calls were CRITICAL!

For those of you who need a straightforward answer as to why President Trump pivoted toward ending the shutdown of our economy next week, and Ohio Governor DeWine will pivot soon, just remember that only 15% of the population will have serious effects from the Coronavirus and less than 1% will die from it. 100% of ALL citizens were going to be hurt, many badly, by the economic shutdown and that adds up to big losses in elections if you don't fix that.  Because of the help from many of you, President Trump got that message before it was too late!

Nancy Pelosi was seeing what you and I were seeing on the ground. Trump was for the first time losing his base of supporters because his supporters were losing their jobs and their businesses and their Liberty.  That is why Pelosi blew up the Senate deal on Monday! Their polls were telling them that if Trump continued to follow the advice of his medical "experts" and keep the economy shut down for even a month - that the anger at Trump would have been the end of his re-election chances. That's why they didn't want a bill to pass that would ease your pain - they wanted to increase your pain! Pelosi and the media thought they had Trump trapped and finally separated from his base. Until Steve Hilton finally screamed the truth on his show on Sunday night and you and I called the White House to make it clear - America Needs to Go Back to Work NOW! Trump woke up just in time.

Now we are going to have to support him, because the Democrat/Socialists and the Left-Wing media are going to claim he is "ignoring the advice of medical professionals" and even "Trump is opening up Hotels to protect his own properties from going bankrupt." (Yes, there are already media reports out saying something that ignorant!)  The message is clear, and the President said it in the video on this page, MORE PEOPLE WILL DIE FROM THE ECONOMY SHUTTING DOWN THAN FROM THE CORONAVIRUS!  You and I need to make that crystal clear to everyone we know. That is why we need to get back to work!

When we ask “How did this happen?” It is clear that this insane global over-reaction to the Chinese Flu threat is the result of decades of failure in our education system where citizens were not taught to think for themselves, but instead were indoctrinated to follow the herd. That combined with political correctness, the war against freedom of speech, and the bullying of social media, has resulted in a gross over-reaction to a threat that is not even as serious as the CURRENT flu we are experiencing right now!

We, more precisely the Left in America and in the Western Nations,  have “trained” our “leaders” to never DARE to stand up and question the “mob” or the “facts” because the mob will destroy their careers - and we let them! The result is that there is almost NO critical thinking or discussion in our society anymore, as evidenced by the completely unwarranted, literally insane, “decision” to destroy the world economy in order to stop the deaths of .00084 % of the population!

Until Yesterday, this was the Marxist Left's ULTIMATE dream come true - by releasing a nasty flu on the world and then hyping the “potential” death tolls beyond any rational number, they nearly managed, with the help of “woke” liberal politicians and media members, to start the “herd” rushing over an economic cliff. In just one month they were on the verge of simultaneously destroying capitalism in the United States and installing socialism - without firing a shot or even winning an Election! All with Republicans joining Democrats to finish the Left’s evil work with their Big Government Trillion Dollar “Stimulus” Bills!

We the People do NOT want “bailouts” or “stimulus,” we want our businesses open, our jobs back, and our lives back! Bigger Government isn’t the solution, it IS the Problem! We MUST get back to work, and get government out of our way, and then we can get to work fixing what our Federal and State Governments screwed up! 

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention
March 24, 2020

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