Coronavirus response: President Trump takes OUT the Swamp

Trump Acts to Protect Americans while Congress Plays Election Politics

Democrats in Congress wasted extensive negotiations with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows about an expanded Coronavirus relief package. Democrat leaders were not only willing but determined to withhold vital assistance for families to use it as a political bargaining chip for their radical agenda.
Since Congress wouldn’t act to help the American people, President Trump did.
He issued four major executive actions over the weekend:
  • The first provides out-of-work Americans with $400-per-week in supplemental aid on top of existing unemployment benefits. 
  • The second assists renters and homeowners who are struggling to pay their lease or make their mortgage payment. 
  • The third defers payroll taxes for employees making $100,000 or less per year through the end of the year. 
  • The fourth suspends federal student loan payments and sets interest rates to 0 percent through the end of the year.

Sadly, the Swamp’s dysfunction is nothing new. When the Coronavirus first reached our shores earlier this year, Congressional Democrats were busy playing another partisan game—a historic impeachment hoax that alleged no actual criminal violations by the President.
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While Congress was mired in impeachment theater, President Trump responded to early information about the Coronavirus by creating a White House Task Force and restricting travel to the United States from China. At the time, both Democrats and the World Health Organization criticized the travel ban as unnecessary, even “xenophobic.”
Then, as soon as cases began to rise, President Trump released guidance to slow the spread of the disease. Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx both attested to the fact that the President took serious action as soon as the data was presented to him.
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Later, while Democrats in Washington were wasting time using the global pandemic as a political weapon against Republicans, President Trump was leading the largest mobilization of U.S. industry since World War II. As a result, America built the world’s leading testing system from scratch—one that has now conducted over 65 million tests.
President Trump knows the best strategy moving forward is to protect our most vulnerable populations, including seniors, while helping more communities to safely reopen. As regional Coronavirus hot spots have emerged, President Trump has surged resources to impacted areas while enabling us to prevent another nationwide shutdown.

FoxNews: Democrats should never have held economic relief legislation hostage or attempted to use it as a Trojan horse to advance their radical ideological objectives
Never-ending lockdowns would hurt American workers, families, businesses, and schoolchildren. They threaten our most vulnerable communities and would worsen income and educational inequality.
Starting in January, President Trump took actions to protect our homeland, our economy, and our workforce from the Coronavirus. Rather than join him in bipartisan cooperation, Democrats in Washington decided once again to put partisan politics over patriotism.
Press Secretary: Politics as usual have no place during this pandemic.
IN-DEPTH: President Trump’s historic Coronavirus response


Jobs numbers beat expectations for third month in a row

U.S. job numbers for the month of July came out on Friday, and once again they beat expert predictions—this time by nearly 300,000 jobs.
Nearly 2 million jobs were added last month in total. More than 9 million jobs have been added over the past three months, showing the resilience of the U.S. economy and marking the beginning of a Great American Comeback from the COVID-19 pandemic.
May, June, and July became “the single greatest three-month period of job creation in American history,” President Trump said on Friday. By comparison, it took well over four years for America to add 9 million jobs in the aftermath of the Great Recession. 
🎬 Larry Kudlow: “We had another great month of jobs!”
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