Tom Z Call to Action 5-27-2020

Greatings friends and fellow patriots, this is Tom Zawistowski, and I am reaching out to discuss serveral important issues that need your and my immediate attention. You may want to grab a pen and paper.

I am calling upon you to act right now to do your part to preserve our Constitution before it is too late. First, as I instructed in my email yesterday, call your house member and your senate member and tell them that they must come out of the conference committee with a bill that both houses can pass, with a majority to overturn a veto by the Governor, that will make sure that what has just been done to our state NEVER EVER HAPPENS AGAIN. Call your house and sentate member today and get others to do so. Let them know we want this done NOW not when they get around to it. We need to bring pressure upon them like they have never seen before to Pass Senate Bill One and make sure this NEVER EVER HAPPENS AGAIN.

Second, many of you have been asking for the past two month about why someone doesn’t take DeWine and Acton to court to stop these illegal activities and infringements on our Liberties. Well a group of us have been working extremely hard to do just that and your help in finding common pleas court judges who will rule according to the law, helped the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law win a huge case in Lake County for Gym owners. Now we have many more cases to file but we need to hire some legal staff to help with the filings or this is going to stall out. I am asking you to got to  right NOW and donate what you can to help fund our legal efforts which are key to our making sure this never happens again. Please, go to and donate NOW because we need the money NOW in order to keep the fight up in the courts. That’s

Third, you will remember last year when I proposed that we build a weekly radio network for 2020, I predicted that we would be so badly censored this year that we had to have another way to get our message to people. I even predicted that Twitter would close the Presidents account before the election. So, yesterday for the first time Twitter interfered with President Trumps tweet about mail in ballots. This is just the beginning. Last week news leaked that Google and Facebook were shadow banning websites and facebook post that provided any alternative information about the Coronavirus.

So what does the mean to us? Well on May 1 we were getting 16,000 page views PER DAY on the We the People website - yesterday we had 940. Facebook has reduced the views of any post I make from 2,000 to 200. We, and other conservative voices, are being censored big time.

So, I need you to do the following:
First, go to every day to see the story or video I have choosen that I feel is most important to our fight.

Second, watch the podcast every week or listen to the radio show on Saturdays and get others to do so. That is where you will learn how we are waging the fight to protect and defend ourselves.

Third, go to our We the People Convention Facebook page EVERY DAY and share what we post to overcome Facebooks censorship.

Finally, share all my emails with everyone you know. We must keep our lines of communication open if we are going to re-open our state and win the fall election.

Finally, I had breakfast at a crackerbarrell yesterday and there were not 15 people in the building. That is not going to cut it. Understand, the lefts best chance to defeat Trump is to destroy the economy by destoryng businesses and jobs. It is YOUR and MY job to not let that happen. Nan and I are going out for every meal we can, spending the $1,200 we recieved that was intended to stimulate the economy. You need to do the same.

I never ask you to do anything I would not do and I would not ask you to do something that I did not feel would be safe. Yesterday, the CDC said the chance of dying from Cornavirus may be as low as .26% meaning that 99.74% of you who have no other illnesses have nothing to worry about! I am asking you to get out and get to work rebuilding our economy before it is too late. I assure you the risk to your safety from an economic recession or depression that causes Trump to lose in Nobember is far greater than the risk to your safety from the Coronavirus.

Please call your Ohio House Rep and Senator today. Please donate at RIGHT NOW. Please Share my emails, my facebook posts, my podcast and the radio show with everyone you know. Thank you for watching this video.

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention

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