Time for DOJ and FBI to use RICO to Stop the Subversive Left behind the Riots

Mr. President and AG Barr, when is our federal law enforcement going to stop aiding and abetting the radical communist left subversives behind ANTIFA, Black Lives Matters and even Occupy Wall Street who are funding and organizing these riots? This is a criminal crime syndicate and everyone has known it since Obama was elected president because Eric Holder, Lynch, Mueller, Comey and the ENTIRE Obama Administration and the ENTIRE Democrat/Socialist/Communist Party worked directly with these groups to enable Ferguson and Baltimore and then Charlottesville.  

As you will see below, the proof is overwhelming and in plain sight that this is organized, funded, and has little to do with the murder of George Floyd. These are not protestors, they are not even rioters, they are communist infiltrators determined to undermine our society and they are succeeding  because our law enforcement let's them operate with impunity!  

Mr. President, the time is NOW to expose the communist supporters in our Federal Law Enforcement and remove them and then to use the RICO Statutes to go after the FUNDERS of these groups and destroy their ability to operate in the United States!  Every "Hollywood" and "New York" "liberal" who has given money to these groups need to be rounded up and prosecuted and imprisoned just like we did with the Mafia. If you do this one thing the world and we will find that America is NOT what these Leftist, including their supporters in the Media and in academia, has perversely portrayed it to be, but America is the least racist, most tolerant, most free and most successful system of government ever devised by man and the ENVY of the WORLD!

It is long past time to go after this "enemy within" which has infiltrated our federal government, our state governments, our local governments, our media, or schools, and our other institution becasuse WE LET THEM!  End it NOW President Trump and you will see how to really "Make America Great Again"! 

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention

ANTIFA National Mobilization? Riots Across Country Raise Questions About Coordination

Mayors and others are complaining about organized outside agitators exploiting the community protests.

The four officers allegedly involved in the death of George Floyd lost their jobs, while the one seen in the video kneeling on Floyd’s neck has been arrested and charged with third-degree murder.  The system, in other words, is working.

The video is incredibly difficult to watch, heart-wrenching and stomach-churning to the untrained eye, and it sparked protests against the police in Minneapolis.  The protests, however, quickly turned into riots, and these quickly spread out across the nation.

Fox News reports:
The state of Minnesota has requested an additional 1,200 National Guard soldiers be deployed after rioting broke out once again Friday night following the death of George Floyd earlier in the week.

. . . . Minneapolis police said gunshots were fired at police officers near the city’s Fifth Precinct on Friday night, one night after rioters broke into and torched the Third Precinct, FOX 9 reported.

. . . . Meantime, all across the nation came reports of arson fires, looting and smashed windows and vehicles. From some cities came reports of gunfire against police officers.

In Portland, Ore., a crowd smashed windows and sparked a fire inside the city’s Justice Center, FOX 12 of Oregon reported.

. . . . In San Jose, police officers fired on an SUV that struck at least two people, according to the Mercury News.

. . . . In Oakland, Calif., police said several officers were injured by projectiles, FOX 2 of the Bay Area reported.

Bystanders also reported being injured.

“I got punched in the face and my cell phone was taken,” one motorist told FOX 2.

In Detroit, Michigan, one man was killed and dozens more arrested. The shooting occurred near a large protest at Cadillac Square when someone in a gray Dodge Durango fired shots into the crowd, hitting a 19-year-old, according to police, per The Detroit News.

In New York, rioters torched a police van and NYPD officers reported hundreds of arrests, The New York Post reported.

As the riots spread across the country, it is becoming increasingly clear that they are being orchestrated and organized.

Pallets of bricks are appearing in the riot zones, and there are reports of professional agitators, including antifa, showing up in cities across the nation.



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