Is this the Court You Want to Judge You?

Is this the kind of Court YOU want to Judge YOU?

It is important for all of us to understand the importance of this attack on our Constitution and our rule of law at the personal level. While all the media talks about what this phony impeachment means to President Trump, and what this bastardization of the rules of the U.S. House means to the future of Congress, and how unfair this is to President Trump and to Republicans in the US House - We the People need to understand what this means to US!

You see, the Democrat/Socialists are showing you their hand - and you better wake up and see it.  What you are seeing before your very eyes and ears is a preview of your life in the very near future if YOU don't stand up now and fight to defend your liberty.  

If the President of the United States does not deserve and is not getting due process, how do you think these same people will treat you if they regain total power like they had under Obama? If the President of the United States has no right to cross-examine his accuser, has no right to have legal counsel present, has no right to call his own witnesses, what rights do YOU think you will have at that school board meeting, or that zoning committee meeting, or that church board meeting in a few years? If Judge Kavenaugh and President Trump are "guilty" until they can prove their innocence against totally made up charges, and that is exactly what the Democrat/Socialists have said publicly over and over, do you really think in the years ahead that YOU will be innocent until proven guilty?

This is no joke. This is what these, and ALL, Marxist believe. They believe in control of the individual for the benefit of the state - which really means the benefit of the few Elites in the Communist Party. You don't have any rights, only the state has rights.  The individual is the enemy of the state and must be forced to comply.

What they are doing to the President is what they are DOING  and WILL DO to all of us in the future if they regain power. Just watch AG Barr's video at Notre Dame where he explains how schools are just taking control of your children and indoctrinating them into the secular state religion with no right to do so. They don't need any laws and they don't need any evidence to destroy their enimies like Hitler did, like Stalin did, like Mao did, like Xi Jinping is doing in China RIGHT NOW. You will either comply or you will die. 

Now as you know, I don't believe that real American's are victims, I believe that real American's are hero's, because we don't just let people hurt us or others without fighting back and defeating them.  So, I ask you again, what are YOU going to do TODAY to fight back to protect your individual Freedom, Liberty and Prosperity - and your rights?

Here are a few ideas. Vote against every Democrat/Socialist you can in next week's election. Do you know that they are predicting a 25% turnout, and a 10% turnout in some locations, for the November 5th election? The good news is that it makes your vote more valuable, the bad news is that so many citizens are just turning their Liberty over to the left without even a vote. There are little Adam Schiff's on your ballot next Tuesday who want to do to your school district and your comminty what Schiff is doing to Congress - impose their will upon YOU! Don't let them win!

How about calling your Congressman and asking them what they are doing to help take back the US House from the Democrat/Socialists in 2020. If your Congressman is in a safe seat, and most in Ohio are, what is he doing to help candidates who are running against Democrat/Socialists in other parts of the nation to help defeat them and re-take the US House?  Ask them, if we do take back the US House in 2020, if they will support Jim Jordan to be the next Speaker of the House as the only person in Congress that Trump can trust to implement the people's agenda?

How about calling or writing to the DOJ and encouraging AG Bill Barr to crack down on these government and media leakers who are illegally undermining the President of the United States and our foreign policy?  Let them know that you expect them to protect the Constitution from all enemies domestic and foreign and that they must re-establish the rule of law.

At the very least, read this article in the Federalist to understand just how unlawful and unfair what the Democrat/Socialists passed yesterday to undermine the rule of law. Then SHARE IT, and share this article, with your fellow citizens so that they understand that it is not just Trump who is being tried in a Kangaroo Court it is what the regressive Left intends for ALL of us.

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention



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