If your College Demands Student Vaccinations Do This Instead!

Tom Z's Plan for How Conservative Parents Can Fight Back Against Colleges Requiring Student Vaccination Next Fall . . . and perhaps even save $30,000

Once again, the leftist media moves in lock step with their comrades in academia who wish to do everything they can to dominate us and take away our liberty and our rights.  A case in point is this recently created propaganda that is being pushed on you by all media outlets about colleges requiring vaccinations for students.

“More than 100 colleges and universities across the country plan to require students to be vaccinated against the coronavirus in order to attend on-campus classes in the fall, according to a survey conducted this week by The New York Times.”

Now first of all, it comes from the New York Times so you know the story is not “news” it is fabricated to push a narrative and a leftist agenda. Notice how they say nothing about the fact that there are over 4,000 colleges in the United States and only 100 are requiring students to be vaccinated? Lies by omission are the propagandists stock in trade. So, the fact is that the vast majority of colleges have not implemented forced vaccination policies for next fall and rightfully so since no one, especially Dr. Fauci, has any idea what the threat level from the Wuhan China virus will be in September!

Not to mention that the vast majority of 18-25 year olds who “get” the virus are asymptomatic and those who do show symptoms are very mild and over in a short time. The facts are that college students getting the virus is a good thing for heard immunity and getting an experimental vaccine for a virus that is not a serious threat to a young person’s health is NOT a good thing.

No vaccine, no college? Physicians group urges students to fight back!

The school administrators and public officials all know that is true or they would not be making their case by saying that it is the “responsibility” of young people to get the vaccine to “protect older people in the community from becoming ill or dying” - as if that is there responsibility. That is simply bunk. Never before in American history have we abandoned the concept of personal responsibility and replaced it with the misguided and flawed idea that you are responsible for someone else's well being even if they don’t want you to be!

If I am over 65, which I am, and I have a co-morbidity, which I do, then it is MY PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to take precautions to protect my health - NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.  If I am at high risk, I should stay in my home and quarantine, no one else, especially college students, should be forced to stay in their home. If I think masks work, then I should wear one, you should not. If I think the vaccine works, then I should get the vaccine but you should not be required to in order to protect me!!!

All of this, particularly this latest NY Times propaganda about requiring vaccines for college students is anti-science and about politics not public health. The fact is that at least half of the students going to college are from conservative homes and these policies are intended to start the indoctrination process that teaches the state is the most important thing not the individual.

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As a conservative parent you must not comply and you don’t have to because you have all the leverage!  Already, universities have furloughed thousands of employees and announced revenue losses in the hundreds of millions. Some have even cut academic programs that were once central to a liberal arts education in order to stay afloat during the China virus lockdowns. All you have to do, is tell your college that if they are going to require vaccines for attendance, then you will delay your attendance until they drop this anti-science policy. If even 10% of parents do this, these colleges will back off right away, because they can’t survive without your tuition dollars! You are paying a lot of money for a “service” from these colleges. Like all services you should demand that they meet your needs not their needs!

I’ll go one step further, how would you like to save $30,000 or more and not be forced to have your kids vaccinated or indoctrinated???  Ever heard of the College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP) program that allows you to earn college credits at a fraction of the costs of paying tuition?? Well it has been around since I was in college 45 years ago and I used it to skip almost my entire freshman year of college by “testing out” of classes for which I could prove I already knew the material. CLEP offers 34 exams that cover intro-level college course material. With a passing score on one CLEP exam, you could earn three or more college credits per class at more than 2,900 U.S. colleges and universities. CLEP was created to help individuals with prior knowledge in a college course subject earn their degree efficiently and inexpensively. It only cost like $70 per exam to get 3 college credit hours that would cost you thousands in tuition!

Click Here to Download a Document Every college student/parent should make their college fill out and return to them!

Then here is an even better idea! Don't just defund the woke communist colleges by refusing to pay tuition this year, don't just save $30,000 by buying the text books and having your student read them themselves and then take the CLEP exam to get college credits, during this year enroll your college age child in a trade program at your local community college so they will have a marketable skill for life!  Yes, while they are "taking a year off from school" because of the vaccine mandate, have them enroll in a trade school where you can get certified as a plumber, carpenter, dental assistant, legal assistant and many other professions in less than nine months for less than $10,000. We don't need more college graduates, we need more people in the trades and if they learn a trade, they can make a ton of money now and will have that to fall back on for the rest of their lives if they can't get a job they want after going to college! How's that for a strategy to defeat the left and show your children how to be smart and defend your liberty!

So instead of being intimidated and indoctrinated by your college, be SMART and use them to your advantage, particularly if your student is just in their freshman or sophomore year. Have them “opt-out” of attending this year to punish the fascist college financially, but then just purchase the text books for those intro-level courses and study from home until you are ready to take the CLEP exams and save yourself like $30,000 or more!!! Then get some lifetime economic "insurance" for your child by using this opportunity to have them learn a valuable trade! Conservatives call that a win-win-win! Just go to this website to learn all about it.

Here is what Elon Musk thinks about college:

It is time that we conservatives use our financial power to demand and get what we want. It IS, not should be, each individuals right to decide what medical procedures they want to have done to their bodies. It is not the government’s decision, it is not your employers decision, it is not your schools decision - and don’t even get me started on vaccinating and masking K-12 students!

This is a critical time in American history where we must protect and defend our God given rights and our legal rights or we will lose them. The entire political and medical reaction to the Wuhan China virus has been wrong from the start and countries like Sweden and states like South Dakota prove it. You know that is true when leftist woke companies like Facebook and Twitter and Youtube will not allow dissenting opinions because the science doesn’t support the use of mask, quarantining healthy people, social distancing, transmission of the virus through contact with surfaces or any of the other non-science nonsense. Get your child tested for covid antibodies because even the National Institute of Health (NIH) says that natural anti-bodies are as good as the vaccine! If they have antibodies, they don't need a vaccine!

It’s time that Americans make a principled stand and show their children what it means to defend their rights and freedoms. Delaying attendance at college for a semester or year, until your rights are respected, is a small price to pay to show the government and college leftist that you will not be bullied into giving up your health and freedom. Freedom is not free but it is worth whatever it costs to retain it. This is a fight we can and must win and  is a teachable moment for our children. Do not comply with their demands, make them comply with your demands. That is how you win the culture war!

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention

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