BLM/ANTIFA Violence is Backed by Powerful Political Entities


Logan says, “unless you attack the funding and the political support” for ANTIFA/BLM the situation won’t change.

by Talia Kaplan, FoxNews, 9/8/20

Antifa violence is backed by “powerful political entities” who need to be exposed to stop it, Fox Nation host Lara Logan told “Fox & Friends First” on Tuesday.
The host of Fox Nation’s “Lara Logan Has No Agenda” made the point of reacting to the violence in cities across the country sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody. There has been more than 100 consecutive days of unrest in Portland, Ore., since Floyd died in May, as demonstrators decry the use of force by police, especially against Black people. 

“Accountability is what stops this kind of thing from spreading and there has been a significant lack of accountability, in part, because … these riots have been taking place mostly in Democrat-controlled and Democrat-run cities where the Democrat district attorney just can choose not to prosecute people who are rioting,” Logan said.

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“So night after night after night what you see is twice, three times, four times, sometimes five times people are going out, they’re being arrested and they are back on the streets again.”
“That’s demoralizing for the police, but it’s also self-defeating,” she continued. 
Logan was referencing the fact that last month Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt announced that hundreds of protesters in Portland who were arrested during demonstrations will not face any charges.

The new policy drops charges against people who were arrested for interfering with a peace officer or parole and probation officer, disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, escape, harassment and riot -- unless they were accompanied by some other charge of physical violence or property damage.

Logan said that “now federal agencies have come in in a limited capacity in the worst places and people are being charged with federal crimes so that’s going to make an impact.”
She stressed that “unless you attack the funding and the political support” the situation won’t change. Logan said that is “one of the most significant things.” 

“There are powerful political entities behind this who are funding it and who are pushing this political agenda and you have to go after that as well to stop it,” Logan said. “You have to expose it and hold people accountable.”

Host Jillian Mele asked Logan, “Why do you think people aren’t being held accountable?”

“In part because there has been a very dishonest agenda that’s been pushed by civil society organizations, the political establishment on the left and journalists working hand-in-hand that Antifa is a nonviolent organization that even when they do use violence it’s somehow justified because they’re fighting fascists,” she said in response.

She added that in this situation “it masks a much more threatening political agenda, which is not just about defunding the police, it’s about abolishing the police force, it’s about burning down the country that you know.”
Logan said there are “many people in city councils all across this country who back this political agenda.”
“So it’s creeping into government all across this country and for some inexplicable reason there are people in the media and in the political establishment who still want you to believe that this organization is not causing any harm and that they’re fighting for racial justice,” she added.

“There is Marxist literature and philosophy that goes back to the 1920s in this country talking about how to use race and sow division and divide people in order to destroy this country and that’s exactly what’s happening right before our eyes.” 

Fox News’ Vandana Rambaran contributed to this report. 

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