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All the attention this week is on the lying, despicable, disgusting, Democrat/Socialists who are proving, to anyone who did not already know, that they will do ANYTHING to regain power over We the People, and they have no morals, no values, no scruples in doing it. However, what no one is talking about among the talking heads in the corrupt media, including Fox, is that none of this sham, kangaroo court, bogus impeachment hearing would be taking place if the Republican establishment wanted to stop it.

No one person is more responsible for allowing this to continue than the "Poser" Senator Lindsey Graham who talks a great game, and is a media darling because of his talk, but who does NOTHING!  The Poser Graham is the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. His committee hasn't held ANY hearings on ANYTHING - THIS YEAR! Why is that?

Wasn't it Lindsey Graham who said he would hold a "full scale probe" into Democrat handling of the Ford-Kavenaugh allegations?  Did he do it ? NO! He and the other RINO's let the radical Dems publicly savage Judge Kavenaugh, then did NOTHING to hold Diane Finstein, Cory Booker, Kamila Harris and Blasey Ford accountable.

Wasn't it Lindsey Graham who "vowed to investigate the "Administrative Coup" in FBI, Justice Department" last February after the phony Mueller investigation blew up? Did he do it? NO! Not one hearing by Poser Graham! But he sure got a lot of TV time for his false promises.

Wasn't it Lindsey Graham who vowed "to hold hearings on McCabe's "stunning" 25th Amendment Comments?  Wasn't it Poser Lindsey Graham who promised to use the Senate Judiciary committee "to look backward and investigate the Clinton Emails and the role of the Justice Department in the Russia probe"?  Yea, he did nothing! Then he had the gall to go on Hannity and attack other Republicans for not doing more to defend Trump when he has done NOTHING!

So, why are Poser LIndsey Graham and the Republican Party responsible for allowing this phony "impeachment hearing"?  Simple, the first day that Shifty Schiff took the first "witness" into the "Skiff" and declared that the Republicans could not cross-examine them; that the President could not have his attorney present; that the entire interview was confidential and that even the transcript would not be made available - all Lindsey Graham had to do was announce that the Senate Judiciary Committee was going to subpoena the same "witnesses" and have them testify in public and be cross-examined the next day!  The Schiff "investigation" would have folded like a cheap suit.  There would have been no hearings in the House! But Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell didn't do that, did they?  Why not?  

They are not doing ANYTHING to stop this travesty and total destruction of our Constitution because they are ALL complicit, the Republicans are just as guilty as the Democrats.  They all have their Hunter Bidens and their illegal involvement with foreign governments and other domestic entitites where they have enriched themselves using our tax dollars to make deals that benefit them and their families. Look at the $25 million Mitch McConnell got from his Chinese father-in-law that got him to back off of  tough sanctions on China years ago and the $2.9 million in campaign donations Lindsey Graham gets from the Defense Industry to attack President Trump when he rightfully pulls our troups out of Syria.  Plus, they hate Donald Trump because he has crashed the party, and by draining the swamp is exposing their criminal activity, and the Republicans are as big a part of the swamp as anyone.

Now we are hearing that instead of rejecting the House "Impeachment" case and making it completely "dead on arrival" in the Senate, as they should, Mitch McConnell and his fellow RINO Republicans are thinking about throwing the Constitution under the bus for their own political gain! How?  They are considering keeping the impeachment "Trial", which is what happens in the Senate, going into next February to hurt Democrat Senators running for President because they would not be able to campaign effectively in Iowa and New Hampshire during a trial!  It's ALWAYS about politics to them - to us, the American people, it's about our very lives and our beloved nation.

The RINO Republicans say to hell with the American people, to hell with the Constitution, to hell with the President, let's just have unending national TV and media coverage of the President of the United States being lied about and trashed and villified for another 3 months!  How does that help Trump in a Presidential Election year? How does that protect the Constitution from being totally misused, now and in the future, to illegally remove duelly elected Presidents? Doesn't having a Trial in the US Senate  just give credibility to what the Democrat/Socialists are doing - which is to take away the votes of 62 million Americans simply because they disagree with policies that those citizens voted to have implemented?

I ask all of my fellow citizens to TAKE ACTION TODAY!  First Call Lindsey Graham's Office at (202) 224-5972 and tell his staff that Lindsey Graham has done NOTHING but talk about defending the President and the Constitution, and that his Committee needs to ACT NOW to expose the person, who is NOT a "whistle blower" but a spy, who leaked the classified contents of the President's phone conversation to Schiff and the media. Second, his Committee needs to bring ALL of Schiff's phony "witnesses", and Joe and Hunter Biden and the Ukranian Prosecutor, into a Senate Hearing for proper cross examination BEFORE the House votes on Impeachment - because they will not vote to Impeach if Graham's Senate Judicial Committee exposes them and this total political hit job before they vote. 

Then contact your US Senators and tell them to stop playing games and not accept this phony "impeachment" in the Senate (https://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm). Contact those on the Senate Judiciary Committee (https://www.judiciary.senate.gov), and tell them to do their damn jobs and defend the Constitution! It's time to turn up the heat and demand that Republicans start to defend our President, our Constitution, and OUR VOTES!

For Liberty, 

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention

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