Video Shows Capital Police Open Door and Let Protestors into the Capital

The Most Definitive Video Yet of Capitol Police Letting the Protesters Into Capital Building!

WATCH THE VIDEO: Those people really look like rioters and domestic terrorists don't they Hypocrites Joe Biden, Pelosi, the Media and the Rest!

by Victoria Taft, Jan. 8 , 2021

A protester was shot and killed and a Capitol Police officer died after protesters at a Trump rally poured into the Capitol Building and became violent. (Editors Note: As the video on this page demonsrates the vast majority of Protestors in the Capital were not "violent". They did not damage the Capital, they did not spray paint grafitti, destroy statues, or set fires or attack anyone.) Soon thereafter, videos of crowds being allowed in by Capitol Police began to appear.

Indeed, two reporters from The Washington Examiner spoke with dozens of people who said that Capitol Police simply allowed them to come into the Capitol Building as they do with visitors.

And now there’s a definitive video showing that not only were police letting the protesters in, but a phalanx of police watched them let the protesters—some of whom were chanting, “f*cking traitors!”—into the building. You can hear another man wonder aloud if it might be some sort of trick when he said out loud, “they’re gonna lock us in.”

One officer greeted the protesters saying, “I don’t agree with you but …”—you can make out him saying “respect” as the crowd clambers in.

At another door, officers, who obviously had different rules of engagement, were physically halting people as they tried to come into the complex.

Watch this video compilation of Democrat/Media Hypocrisy about what is a "peaceful protest" and what is a "riot.":

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