Ignore the Phony Threats against School Board Attendees

Don't be Intimidated or fooled by the Baseless Threat made by Attorney General Merrek Garland against Parents who attend School Board Meetings!

Watch the video to see Senator Josh Halwey take Garland and his Staff to task!

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As I discuss in this clip below from my weekly podcast, this is nothing but a bluff! It is in baseball terms a "brush back pitch"! It is intended to SCARE you away BECAUSE YOU ARE BEING EFFECTIVE. Watch my podcasts and understand who put this out and why. Ignore it and just keep fighting. . . if you don’t break the law they can’t stop you!

Everyone needs to use this article and these videos as a CLUB to beat them with. Put it out in your community and go to the school board meetings and ask each school board member if they agree with this national group, National Association for Secondary School Principals, that did this. Print out the letter they sent to the Biden Administration asking for YOU to be investigated as "domestic trerrorists" and hand it out and then ask them in public if YOU have a right to question what is going on in your schools and being taught to our children and grandchildren. Ask them if we have a right to vote them out if they break with the norms of the community! Then, DEMAND that they drop out of this AUTHORITARIAN organization which undermines the relationship between parents and their schools and stop FUNDING THEM. STOP FUNDING THEM IMMEDIATELY! If they will not do that, then let that be known to all parent in your school district and vote them out!

ACT with a PLAN for VICTORY! Do not just send things around as the LEFT puts them out or you are just helping them stampede the cattle. . .
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