What the GOP Must Deliver to US if We Return them to Power

It is NOT Enough to Elect Republican Majorities in 2022. This time we must Agree on what they MUST do to Restore our Nation BEFORE we vote for anyone in the primaries!

by Thomas R Zawistowski, President, We the People Convention

Jordan B. Peterson, the leading thinker in the Western World today, makes a very important point in Rule #10 of his mega-hit book “12 Rules for Life”. In Rule #10 he instructs us to define problems exactly. Don’t just make vague statements about your problem. Instead, put your problem into specific words - be PRECISE. Give form and clarity to your problem – only then will you be able to deal with it.

I cite these words of wisdom because they precisely describe the problem We the People face at this critical time in our nation's political history. The polling shows that nearly every policy implemented by the Biden regime, and his hard left masters, are historically unpopular with the majority of Americans. Be it the economy, illegal immigration, energy, foreign affairs, race relations, education, or the pathetically failed Covid response, Americans of all ages, races, genders, religions and economic status are deciding to reject “Democrat Socialism” for freedom, liberty and capitalism. They want their nation back!

Since the November 2, 2021 elections, where this rejection manifested itself by Democrats from Virginia to Seattle not just losing their elections, but by being devastated in the voting. It is the consensus of political experts of all stripes that Republicans are going to win historic numbers of new US House seats, and control of the US Senate after 2022. To many Americans attaining those results it critical to getting our nation back on track, and provides hope for the future, but it is not nearly enough. It is not enough that we take control of the US House and Senate in 2023, because having the control, and having the majority of votes, means nothing if you don’t have a plan for WHAT those votes will implement!

We had that in 2017 and 2018. We had the votes and we did next to nothing because the “Republicans” we elected along with President Trump did not support what President Trump promised and We the People wanted. In 2022 and 2024 We the People cannot repeat this critical mistake. We cannot accept vague statements from “Republicans” like “I support President Trump” or “I am for the MAGA Agenda” and vote for them, particularly incumbents, in the state Republican Primaries.

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Heeding Dr. Peterson’s advice, We the People need to define precisely what we want them to do if we elect them and we need them to publicly pledge to do these things. We also need President Trump to enforce this mutual agreement as to what is required to be done once Republicans are voted back into power, by refusing to endorse any candidate that does not agree to carry out the will of We the People.

So, what exactly is it that we want done? What is it that we want to change? What changes will actually make a difference and advance freedom, liberty and individual prosperity for ALL Americans?

With this document we are opening up a national conversation focused on what precise actions We the People want “Republicans” to implement upon our giving them control of the US House and Senate in 2023. This list was compiled from submissions made by our members from all over the United States. While we feel this list captures the desires of the majority of Americans, we are certain that others reading this will have additional suggestions or changes.

The important thing is not what we have in the list exactly, but that we actually have a list that the candidates we vote for in the Republican Primary agree to vote for if elected, and that President Trump agrees not to endorse any Republican who will not do so.

So here is our list (Click Image to Download PDF):

There you have it. That is our list. This is what We the People believe we need done in order to reduce the size of government and the power the federal government has assumed over the people and the states. These are the changes that are required to make the federal government accountable to the people again and not just to large corporations, special interests and foreign interests. These changes restore the checks and balances our forefathers designed into the Constitution that have been eroded and intentionally dismantled over the decades.

Looks Like the Republican Leadership is coming along in our direction: GOP to Release New 'Contract with America' - Original Led to Historic Landslide in 90s


Action Plan:

We ask citizens to download and print this contract. Then give it to every Republican who is planning to run for the U.S. House or U.S. Senate in a 2022 Republican Primary in your state. Ask those candidates to pledge to vote for these changes if elected in the 2022 General Election.

Then send the signed copy from any candidate who does agree to vote for these items to the We the People Convention at info@WethePeopleConvention.org. We will then send the signed document to President Trump for him to counter sign the Contract if he decides to endorse that candidate. After which that decision will be made public so that you will know who to work for and vote for in your Primary Election.

Please also report back those candidates who will not sign the contract, particularly incumbents who are running for re-election, so that we can report that to President Trump as well. We will urge him NOT to endorse those candidates.

We will then create a national republican primary voter guide so those who support President Trump can know whom to vote for in the Republican Primary elections in their state. Then after the 2022 Election, we will keep a sorecard of how each Republican Voted on these issues in order to determine who needs to be taken out in the 2024 Primary and Replaced.

Thank you for participating in this national effort to develop a mutual understanding of what We the People expect from those we elect, after they are returned to power in 2023 and beyond.


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