Ohio Poll Shows Impeachment is Wrong!

Long ago we recognized that "polling", like everything else in politics, was not what its name suggests. As in not scientific, not accurate, not reflective of the truth. In fact, after the fiasco of 2016 where virtually every "polling" expert wrongly - or more likely intentionally - predicted  Trump would get trounced in the Presidential Election, We the People decided that we would only believe our own polls.

Going into the 2016 Election, "experts" were telling us that Hillary was going to win Ohio by 11%. We knew that was BS because of the 1.5 MILLION phone calls our volunteers had made through the NRA to voters, and non-voters, who ended up electing Trump.  Our state poll, just weeks before the 2016 election, was one of only two polls in the nation that correctly predicted Trump's Ohio win!

So, let's be clear, almost none of the "polls" today are actually polls, they are propaganda. Meaning that a real "poll" is designed to accurately measure opinions of people about issues and other people.  In politics they intentionally use fake "polls" to do the opposite. They use them to convince people to believe what they want them to believe, based on the lie that supposedly everyone else believes what their polls says. It's psychological warfare. It's a subtle, and sometime not too subtle, method of bullying.

We the Peope will NOT be bullied, nor will we be lied to - more importantly we will never lie to ourselves or to those who fight with us!  It's real simple, we can't afford to lie to ourselves or believe lies form others because it will lead to our loss of Freedom and Liberty. No one in our families lies to us. No one we work with lies to us. No one at our Church lies to us. If they do, we stop talking to them! We must always search for the truth in all that we do, even if it is painful to learn the truth. That's what adults do.

That is why we don't believe the fake impeachment polls from CNN and others that say 50% of Americans favor impeaching President Trump - which you must never forget is just a way of taking away YOUR 2016 VOTE and reversing the election results. So, we did our own impeachment poll yesterday in Ohio and here are the results:

Ohio Impeachment Poll Results:

We polled a random sample of 381 Ohio residents, both over landline and cell phones, on Tuesday, November 26, 2019, with this question:

Do you think the Democrats in the US House are right to try and impeach President Trump?

59.58 % - (227) It is WRONG for Democrats in the U.S. House to Impeach the President
36.48 % - (139) It is RIGHT for Democrats in the U.S. House to Impeach the President
 3.93 % - (15) I am Undecided

As can be predicted, self-identified Republicans were AGAINST Impeachment by 87.5%  to 11.90%, with .6% undecided. Self-identified Democrats were the exact opposite with 84.25% FOR Impeachment, and only 11.8% against impeachment, and 3.95% undecided. The KEY finding is that self-identified INDEPENDENT voters thought impeachment was WRONG by  53.78% vs the 39.50% who were for impeachment, and 6.72% who were undecided. Interestingly, 28% of those who self-identified as Republicans, were actually "registered" as Democrats and Independents in the Secretary of State voter database, indicating a strong movement in Ohio of Democrats and Independents to affiliate with Trump's policies and move away from Democrat/Socialist policies.

Females polled said Impeachment  was WRONG by 57.00% to 38.16%  of those who were for impeachment, and 4.83% who were undecided. Males were much more AGAINST Impeachment, with 62.64% of Ohio males saying impeachment was WRONG, and only 34.48% saying impeachment was right, with 2.87% undecided. 

Married women thought Impeachment was WRONG by 59.33% to 30.97%, while Single women thought Impeachment was WRONG by 51.06% to 40.04%. Married men thought Impeachment was WRONG by 65.49% to 30.97%, while Single men were AGAINST Impeachment by a stong 59.09% to 38.64%. 

The poll had a margin of error of 3.5% at a 95% degree of certainty. 


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