NONCOMPLIANT Movie is a Much Watch for All Citizens

Do you think you know the Constitution? Do you think you know Your Rights under the Constitution? Watch this video to learn what they never taught you in school!


Barbara Rowe - Outstanding. Worth every Minute - February 1, 2022

This presentation addresses so many injustices that people have accepted. That is the root of all the conflict. The federal Gov. exceeds their authority and because people know no better they let them. They have stole authority. It is not theirs.

John Bowen - February 1, 2022

This video is very powerful. We the People need to Stand up and peacefully Non Comply. What our government is doing is Un constitutional and un lawful. I’m part of a grassroots movement that teaches this material. If your open you can check it out.

Ronald Bush - Excellent and Priceless! - January 27, 2022

I have a Bachelors degree in History, but didn’t learn true American and Constitutional history until I homeschooled my children and taught it to them. This information and these resources and videos are priceless!

Cindy Wright - A Must Watch for Every American - January 25, 2022

Every American needs to watch this and it should be required learning/study annually beginning in grade 7 or 8, through 12 and then in university as a required class to graduate. We’ve allowed local, state and federal governments to get away with running amuck and doing whatever they want, which has truly harmed.

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Kirsten - May be the most important movie you'll ever see! - January 25, 2022

My wife and I recently watched this movie and left both motivated to do more, and committed to actually learn more. We came home and purchased a year’s worth of Liberty First resources and hope to motivate and educate our friends. We’re sending everyone we know the link to watch the movie.

Riley Reynolds - Wonderful - January 22, 2022

I shared this with EVERYONE I know.. I hand out Constitution Pamphlets all the time – especially young people – but it is incredible how many adults don’t know it either. What is happening??

Cheryl - Great Educational video on the Constitution - January 22, 2022

I love how Krissanne Hall is honest and gets to the point. You learn so much about your rights.

Aizik - How we fix this! - January 22, 2022

The writers of our Constitution were Brilliant men. They in-fact have given us all the tools we need today to fix this shxx show. With out war. With out court. I know you don’t wanna cuz your too busy being busy… but you are obligated to Stand Up for Liberty. 

Barbara Rowe - AWESOMENESS - January 18, 2022

Lots off good info . Love the work you are doing.thank you !

Daniel McGirr - Powerful! Well Spoken! Exactly what Americans need to know! - January 18, 2022

For every American trying bring attention to the destruction of our Liberties. Why it is not ok. What will become of it. And Why we do not have to put up with it any longer. This is that MESSAGE!


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