There is NO reason to shut down Ohio


For Immediate Release: Sunday, March 22, 2020 8:00 PM EDT


Akron, OH: Tom Zawistowski, President of the TEA Party affiliated We the People Convention, responded to a comment made by Governor DeWine at his Press Conference Saturday. Governor DeWine said that when he goes to bed at night he asks himself if he "has done all that he could do" to fight the Coronavirus. Zawistowski said, "The question, Governor, is NOT if you have done enough, but if you have done too much! The fact is, Governor, no one but you and the Ohioans you have scared the hell out of believe Dr. Acton's hysterical "projections" because the numbers just don't add up, and your response is way out of proportion to the actual threat to the public."

"You gave the numbers yesterday: In six weeks from 2/7/20 -3/19/20 we have had 247 cases of Coronavirus in Ohio and 58 hospitalizations and 3 deaths. That is NOT cause to shut down our state and destroy tens of thousands of businesses and ruin hundreds of thousands of Ohioan's lives. You know how many hospitalizations we have had from the regular flu? We had 9,828 last year and 17,397 in 2017-18! No shutdowns, no panic, with 70 times more hospitalizations than we have today. You are looking like "Chicken Little", Governor, because the sky is not falling, but your misguided actions may destroy all of us."

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Zawistowski continued, "Both you and your fear-mongering Health Director love to compare what will happen in Ohio to New York and to Italy. We are NOT New York and we are not Italy, and don't you dare continue to make these false comparisons to provide cover for your misguided acts. First, New York has 10,356 cases, New Jersey has 1,327 and we have 247. Those two states should "shelter in place" for a few days, but you have no reason to ask us to do the same in Ohio."

"Second, we are NOT Italy, but you keep saying that. Italy has the second OLDEST population in the World! They have a horrible Government Healthcare system! They did NOT do the things we are doing to protect ourselves from the Coronavirus! We have the greatest healthcare system in the world and we are much younger than Italy. So STOP making an INACCURATE comparison!"

Zawistowski added, "Even IF we were like Italy, this is NOT the catastrophe people like you and the CDC are claiming it to be! Italy is a nation of 60 Million with 54,000 cases of Coronavirus and 5,000 Dead. The US is a nation of 330 Million - if it got as bad here as in Italy, we would have 270,000 cases and 27,500 Deaths. You know how many Americans died of the regular flu in 2017-18?  80,000!!! No shutdowns. No school closings, No overwhelmed hospitals. No economic suicide."

Zawistowski continued, "Pathetically you and your incompetent Health Director whined yesterday about how people are not watching/listening to your daily press conferences and not following "your instructions". You then said that you got "reports" that Ohioans dared to go outside this weekend and went to stores that were still open despite your apocalyptic misguided warnings. So, let me get this straight, you tell us to keep six feet apart, wash our hands, not cough or sneeze in public, not shake hands, and when we do all that and more - you tell us that is not good enough for you and we should just sit in our homes because you say so? So, today you are contemplating another mis-guided "order" to "shelter in place" with zero medical reason to do so? We will not comply Governor, because you don't have any reason to make such an order!"

Zawistowski concluded, "While you and your nationally disgraced Health Director, whose ignorant claim of 100,000 cases in Ohio is being exposed as incompetent and who is getting a grade of "D" for Data Quality from the COVID Tracking Project and is inexplicably refusing to follow CDC Guidelines and report both positive and negative test results, are panicked beyond reason by "projections" that bely the facts in Ohio. We the People are not buying what you are selling. Let us be clear, we will take the action WE feel are appropriate to protect OUR health and that of our fellow citizens, but we will not be led off the cliff by someone like you who thinks you are personally responsible for every life in Ohio. Get over yourself, Governor."

"We are not stupid. Stop treating us like we are by acting as if we don't have enough common sense to come in out of the rain. This nonsense ends on March 30th, Governor. We are giving you the three weeks you asked for and the 15 days the President asked for, but on March 30th we are going back to work because that will do more to save lives than anything you are doing."


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