Over 230 Retired Military Officers Endorse Trump

Over 230 Retired Generals & Admirals Sign Letter Endorsing Trump to counter Biden Campaign Phony Hit Job about Trump Disrespecting Dead US Soldiers

by Richard Sisk, Military.com

Some 235 retired senior military officers have signed a letter backing the reelection of President Donald Trump and warning that electing former Vice President Joe Biden would lead to growing influence in government by "socialists and Marxists."

A letter released Monday by the Trump-Pence campaign was signed by eight four-star generals or admirals, 42 three-star generals or admirals and at least one Medal of Honor recipient: retired Marine Maj. Gen. Jim Livingston.

"It can be argued that this is the most important election since our country was founded," the open letter from the retired officers said. "With the Democratic Party welcoming to socialists and Marxists, our historic way of life is at stake."

"We believe that President Donald Trump is committed to a strong America," the letter continued. "As president, he will continue to secure our borders, defeat our adversaries, and restore law and order domestically."

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Announcing endorsements from retired military leaders has become a mainstay for campaigns of both parties, a play to the bipartisan support and credibility the military enjoys. In 2016, the Trump campaign announced endorsements from 88 retired military officers; the campaign of Hillary Clinton announced endorsements from 110 retired military officers.

The endorsements for Trump from respected military leaders came close on the heels of allegations from anonymous sources that the president had routinely insulted the Pentagon's leadership and called those who died in battle "losers" and suckers. Those claims were reported in a Sept. 3 story in The Atlantic.
Several other news organizations, including Fox News, have partly confirmed the allegations, but Trump has dismissed the report as a "total lie."

In August, 73 former national security officials in Republican administrations and former Republican lawmakers issued an open letter backing Biden, saying "it is imperative that we stop Trump's assault on our nation's values and institutions."

Today's letter of endorsement stongly counters the opinion of those security officials and lawmakers.

Here is the Text of the Letter:

After years of neglect from the Obama-Biden Administration, our service members and veterans have finally found a strong advocate in President Trump. The Trump Administration has rebuilt the military, completely overhauled the Department of Veterans Affairs, and launched groundbreaking initiatives to assist military families and prevent veteran suicide. In contrast, Joe Biden's record on the military and veterans is one of failure: debilitating budget cuts, failed foreign policy decisions, and an inability to provide our nation's heroes with the quality healthcare they deserve. Today, 235 senior military leaders endorsed President Donald J. Trump's re-election and refuted Joe Biden's failed liberal agenda:

"The 2020 election affords the American people an urgently needed opportunity to affirm their devotion to the Constitution of the United States and to the American way of life. As senior leaders of America’s military, we took an oath to defend the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic. At present, our country is now confronted with enemies here and abroad, as well as a once in a century pandemic. As retired military officers, we believe that Donald J. Trump has been tested as few other presidents have and is the proven leader to confront these dangers."

The list of retired officers and the letter have been posted on the Trump-Pence campaign website and can be seen here.

-- Richard Sisk can be reached at Richard.Sisk@Military.com.

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