Land of the Free? Home of the Brave? Not so Much!

Americans are embarrassing themselves with their lack of Courage in defense of Liberty and Unwillingness to fight Tyranny

Tucker Carlson asked on his show Thursday, September 24, 2020, "What Country IS this?" after presenting two shocking videos that demonstrate the total abuse of power by elected and un-elected officials under the guise of "protecting citizens" from dying from the China Virus. It's embarrassing that supposedly free Americans are so willing to give up that freedom, and their liberty and prosperity, based solely on lies, misinformation, and obvious scare tactics from power hungry politicians who want to rule over them instead of serve them!

For those of you who have been terrified by the scare tactics being used to control you, this is what you are afraid of:

Do you get it now? You are complying with "orders" that have no force of law to make your children and grandchildren wear dangerous masks and stay out of school, not play sports or participate in other activities, or even socialize with friends and other family members, when you have statitically ZERO chance of dying from the China Virus and will not even get sick or transmit the virus to others. Do you see how irrational that is???

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You are complying with "orders" that have no force of law to be locked in your dorm or not be able to go to work in person or go to sporting events or concerts or bars and restaurants when you have practically ZERO chance of dying from the China Virus if you are under age 50 and will either not get sick at all or simply have the "flu" for a few days if you do get sick. DO YOU SEE HOW IRRATIONAL THAT IS???

The ONLY people who have ANYTHING remotely to worry about with the China Virus is people who are over 65 AND have MULTIPLE COMORBIDITIES (two or more other chronic conditions)!!! Those are the people who should wear a mask, those are the people who should social distance, those are the people who should get a vaccine AND NO ONE ELSE! Everyone Else should stop the irrational fear and understand the facts and the science because this China Virus is NOT a threat to public health!

Don't Believe me, believe Dr. Atlas:

Home of the Free? Land of the Brave? Not so much!

Now Tucker Carlson called out the people in the crowd who watched a security gaurd taze an Ohio woman for not wearing mask outdoors at a football game and did nothing to intervene. Carlson called it "embarrassing." It's worse than that, it's cowardice. What the officer did was clearly excessive use of force. It is NOT a crime to not wear a mask - it is the violation of an un-constitutional order. At worst the woman in the video should have received a ticket with a fine and fought it out in court - in which she would have won. When are WE, the American people, going to start looking at the facts, like the Dr. Atlas video on this page, and decide for OURSELVES what is right and wrong and act accordingly???

We can all learn from the church group in Idaho, in the video, who had members arrested for singing outside when their county has Zero Deaths and Zero HOSPITALIZATION! These Christians were PROTESTING the fact that the County Government had just exented the mask wearing and social distancing until JANUARY of 2021 when the entire county had only 342 CASES since the China Virus first appeared. NO DEATHS! NO HOSPITALIZATION! On what legal grounds does any government have the right to "order" healthy people not to associate - and not to attend church! These Christian are fighting back and defending their Constitutional rights and their freedom and every member of that community should join them and make sure that every member of City Council should lose their seats because they are not fit to govern.

All American's need to have a long conversation with themselves and ask the question that Tucker Carslon asked "What Country is this?" Our forefathers fought and died to throw off the yoke of tryanny and over a million of our soldiers have given their lives so that we can continue to live free. They would be embarrassed by our meek submission to the tyrants in our midst today. They risked everything, including their lives, to win these hard won freedoms. What all Americans today need to understand is that once you surrender your freedoms to the state, the price of restoring those freedoms, if it is even possible, may in fact be your life. Take back your freedom now, before it is too late, or you will regret it for the rest or your life and the lives of all your offspring for generations to come!

The threat is not that you may die from a virus, the real threat is that you may live for decades to come as a slave to the state with no freedoms or rights to protect you because of your cowardice!

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