Hillary Clinton 2.0: Biden is Guilty but will Not Be Charged


Just Like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden will not be charged even though he illigally took, and kept, and shared, classified documents. Special Counsel says he is too old and unable to remember facts to be convicted by Jury! Deep State should have charged him but instead Politically Assassinated Him!

by YourNews Media, February 8, 2024

In a detailed investigation, Special Counsel Robert Hur uncovered that President Joe Biden mishandled classified documents after his tenure as Vice President, acting as a private citizen. The report indicates that while evidence of willful retention and disclosure of classified materials was found, it did not meet the threshold of guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Furthermore, the investigation brought to light Biden’s compromised mental state, including a “significantly limited” memory, which influenced the decision against prosecution.

Hur’s findings highlighted the challenges in presenting Biden’s case to a jury, given his portrayal as an elderly individual with memory issues during the investigation. The report suggests that jurors might be predisposed to find reasonable doubt due to empathy towards Biden’s condition, stating, “Based on our direct interactions with and observations of him, he is someone for whom many jurors will want to identify reasonable doubt.” (Editors Note: If he committed a crime you have to bring charges. It is not dependent on "your beliefs" about what a jury would do!!!)

FBI Director James Comey Lays our Crimes by Hillary Clinton from Email Investigation and Announces HIS Decision to Not Bring Charges July 5, 2016:


The report extensively documents Biden’s memory issues, noting his inability to recall key personal and professional milestones, including the precise dates of his vice presidency and significant events in his life, such as the death of his son Beau. This aspect of Biden’s health has raised concerns about his handling of sensitive information, including instances where classified documents were discovered in poorly secured locations. (Editors Note: Special Counsel report says that Biden is incapable of handling classified documents, so how can he be President???)

Amid these revelations, the report also disclosed that Biden might have shared classified information with the ghostwriter of his memoir, adding another layer of complexity to the investigation. (Editors Note: The ghostwriter deleated audio recording of Biden admiting he had documents, and had no security clearence, but also was not charged. The FBI recovered the deleated files from a hard drive and now Congress and the Media will be demanding that they be released.)

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The release of Hur’s findings comes at a time of increased scrutiny over Biden’s mental fitness, especially as instances of misrecalled conversations with deceased foreign leaders have emerged in 2024. This investigation not only casts a light on the procedural handling of classified documents but also raises significant questions about the impact of aging and mental health on leadership capabilities.

Indignant Biden Triples Down in Wake of Scathing Special Counsel Report

by Spencer Brown, Townhall.com, February 8, 2024

In a previously unscheduled address to the nation from the White House on Thursday evening, an angry President Joe Biden sought to respond to the bombshell report from Special Counsel Robert Hur and insisted "my memory is fine" while attacking Hur for some items included in the report.

"How in the hell dare he raise that," an angry Biden said of the portion of Hur's report that stated Biden "did not remember, even within several years, when his son Beau died." That matter, the president said, is "none of their damn business."

"For any extraneous commentary, they don't know what they're talking about," Biden insisted, despite the report directly quoting Biden's confused answers. "It has no place in this report," declared Biden. "The bottom line is the matter is now closed and I can continue what I've always focused on: my job of being the president of the United States of America."

(Editors Note: In the unhinged rant you will see above, Biden proceeds to claim, wrongly, that he had no Secret Documents like Trump and that Mar-a-Lago was less secure than his garage where Trump's documents were in a secure locked location protected by the Secret Service.)

Despite the damning contents of Hur's report, Biden defiantly declared "I'm the most qualified person in this country to be the president of the United States."

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