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by Paul Bedard, Washington Secrets Columnist, May 1, 2023

Some consider it aspirational. Others call it common sense.

One thing is for sure. Had the enormous project to create a government-in-waiting that is now underway at the Heritage Foundation (and supported by America’s top 50 conservative groups) been around when President Donald Trump said, “So help me God,” on his Inauguration Day, the outsider’s first 180 days might have gone a lot smoother.

“I think President Trump would agree with that,” said Paul Dans, one of Trump’s top personnel directors who heads the Heritage 2025 Presidential Transition Project.

Project 2025, created by Heritage President Kevin Roberts a year ago, is now kicking into high gear to help whoever is the GOP presidential nominee get a huge head start on running the government if the candidate wins next year.

Dans said that by the time the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee opens on July 15, the project hopes to have a governing blueprint tailored for the nominee, complete with a policy agenda, executive orders to reverse President Joe Biden’s most damaging efforts, and a list of 1,000-4,000 vetted aides ready to take Washington over.

“Hopefully, this crystallizes in a real turnkey deliverable for the next president-elect where they can really import wholesale a lot of the ideas and work that's been done,” Dans said in an interview.

Nothing like Project 2025 has been done before. Typically, new presidents arrive and tap lower-level aides from past like-minded administrations for top jobs. It has been easier for the Democrats because liberals have embedded into the federal government. Until Trump, most Republican presidents had been Washington figures, so they generally knew who to hire and what policies would pass first.

But when Trump arrived, Washington went to work full-time to stop his agenda, even creating “alt-” Twitter sites to foil his social media and show the swamp was in charge. Some in his cast of outsiders never saw what hit them.

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With the new plan, Heritage is already collecting resumes from workers outside of the Beltway who want to change Washington’s culture. They’ve even created a portal on Project 2025 for resumes. "We are definitely pointed towards bringing new people into the fold. This is not a Washington, D.C., jobs project. This is a clarion call for you to come serve your country. You might say, 'Uncle Sam wants you,'" Dans said.

They’ve also created an interactive school to teach and guide potential aides on how to land a job, what is expected in different jobs and agencies, and even how to find housing in Washington. Dans expects to have 40 videos up soon in its training section called the "Presidential Administration Academy."

And at the heart of the project is a nearly 900-page redo of the original Heritage agenda book Mandate for Leadership that helped guide President Ronald Reagan's first 180 days.

Mandate for Leadership: The Conservative Promise is the most comprehensive book written on what federal agencies and key Washington jobs do, and it is a must-read for any incoming administrator. Every agency that the president touches is included, from the Pentagon to the Federal Election Commission. Every top job is described, even that of the first gentleman.

“The legacy of Mandate for Leadership, and indeed of the entire Reagan Revolution, is that if conservatives want to save the country, we need a bold and courageous plan. This book is the first step in that plan,” Roberts wrote in the foreword.

"We can't wait to Day One to start putting people in. We've already seen how that slows down and can get slow-walked, and people start losing focus and direction," Dans said. "It's too late to learn on the job that you have. The time is wasting. The second the president says, 'So help me God,' you have to move out."




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