Google and Twitter Limit Political Ads

We have been talking all year about how conservatives will be denied access to social media during the 2020 election.  That is WHY we have asked you to help fund and build the weekly statewide radio network and Podcast so that our voice will not be silenced.

Now you are seeing the Big Tech companies move to hurt the Trump campaign and all conservative candidates as we predicted. Last week, Twitter announce a ban on political advertising. This week Google announce severe restrictions on how political campaigns can "target" people online - including banning the targeting by political party.

Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale is not happy:

I have predicted, and I will stay with my prediction, that before the November election, Twitter will take President Trump OFF OF TWITTER!  Their is NOTHING that the regressive, communist, Left will not do to win next year.

That is why I have BEGGED the White House, for over three years, to act to put a "Twitter-Like" feature on and get off of Twitter!  I am not talking about a two way system, or competing with Twitter, I am just talking about a place where President Trump can post messages and the American people could get them on their phones and computers. Why should the American people have to depend upon a hostile private company to get messages directly from our President?  If the White House made that change to they would immediately have 62 MILLION followers and Twitter would be deservedly a lot less popular.

Since the White House has not taken up my idea about adding this feature to, ealier this year I approached the Trump Campaign and asked them to build a phone app that not only Trump could use to reach citizens, but that the groups like the We the People Convention and the Portage County TEA Party could use to reach our members and get around social media censoship.  

I even told them, if they did build that app, overnight 62 Million people would download it and our members would even pay 99ยข to do so!  That would raise $62 Million for the Trump campaign, while stopping Google and Twitter from silencing us, and give our activists the abilty to organize our get-out-the-vote activities!

Unfortunatly, no one in the Trump campaign appears interested in my suggestion. So, if anyone knows Brad Parscale, perhaps you could share this with him and have him call me - because his plans to use social media to win next year are being blown up as you read this! 

In the mean time, DONATE to help build our weekly statewide radio network and podcast which will launch on Thursday, January 2, 2020.  WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention

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