Domestic Terrorist Myth Exposed by FBI's Own Data

The FBI finds and Prosecutes Less than 200 “Domestic Terrorists” Per YEAR and yet Biden orders 26,000 Troops to Protect Washington? Don't buy the Lies!

By Tom Zawistowski, President, We the People Convention, January 22, 2021

We the People have a message for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, FBI Director Christopher Wray, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, Homeland Security Nominee Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Defense Nominee Lloyd Austin and everyone on the Democrat/Communist Left who have said publicly that "Domestic Terrorism", particularly by "White Supremacists," is a major threat to national security and to our Republic and that we need new special police powers to spy on American Citizens to root it out. What you are saying is a lie, and you know it, and you are doing it for purely political purposes. Stop lying to the American people!

It is a FACT, that the FBI only finds and prosecutes Less than 200 “Domestic Terrorists” Per YEAR and yet Biden orders 26,000 Troops to Protect Washington? 200 nut jobs are NOT a threat to our Republic but YOUR LIES about Trump Supporters being “White Supremacists” Certainly Are! 

Your irresponsible, ignorant, and inflammatory rhetoric declaring “war”, not just on a small number of violent and purposely ill-defined “white supremacists”, but on 50% of American Citizens who are your political opponents and labeling them as “Domestic Terrorists” and “Insurrectionists” is not only foolish, but dangerous, and must be stopped right now. Your calling all white people “racists” is not just laughable but pathetic as you literally define yourselves as the true racists as you judge people solely by the color of their skin and defile the legacy of Dr. King whom real Americans just honored.

Your gross over-reaction to the terrible events of January 6, 2021 was obviously done, not out of true concern for what or who caused the riot at the Capitol, but instead for purely political purposes. You EXPLOITED the event to once again wrongly accuse the President of things he clearly did not do, but also to demonize, and in fact TARGET unfairly, all Americans who did not vote for you and do not support your destructive agenda for America. Your motives are clear and totally despicable and un-American.

Where the people fear the government, there is tyranny.
Where the government fears the people, there is liberty.

John Basil Barnhill, 1914

Your foolish, over-the-top, and obviously unnecessary show of military force did not intimidate the American people because as the chart above demonstrates we are not and will not ever be intimidated by the likes of you. To use our sons and daughters who make up the U.S. Military to purpetrate this canard that our nation is under literal attack and then to insult them by demanding that they be subjected to an unconstitutional political vetting was simply represhensible. Let us make this clear enough so that even those of you who actually irrationally hate half of all Americans and our Constitution can understand.

You work for us, the American People. YOU DO NOT AND NEVER WILL RULE OVER US! That being made clear, your false accusation and trumped up fear-mongering does NOT give ANY OF YOU nor our government agencies ANY MORAL OR LEGAL AUTHORITY to censor political speech, to spy on American Citizens, or to target your political opponents illegally using the force of Government as you have done before so many times. Most recently during the coup against President Trump as exposed in the latest Obamagate documents and in the IRS Targeting of the TEA Party which ultimately resulted in the Election of Trump and your complete loss of power in 2016. You will not be allowed to attack the American people with impunity.

Despite the pathetic theatrics of your “virtual inauguration” and your dark inauguration speech, the fact is that no real American believes the lie that you and your media and Big Tech propagandists are selling that “Domestic Terrorism” or “White Supremacy” are the main threat to our Republic, conveniently leaving out the real threat from marxist groups like ANTIFA and BLM. It is undeniable that the existential threat to our Republic is posed by Communist China, who we noticed was ecstatic over your taking office January 20th.

Your intentional decision to recklessly try to paint 74,000,000 Americans as “Domestic Terrorists” and “Insurrectionists”, when the FBI can only find a total of 183 cases of Domestic Terrorism to prosecute per year, clearly demonstrates your anti-First Amendment and anti-American beliefs and is nothing less than an attack on the very Constitution you just swore an Oath to Protect and Defend. Your actions expose the fact that your efforts are unprincipled, insincere, and politically motivated and DANGEROUS.

So, now that you have been publicly exposed for your duplicity, if you continue your violent rhetoric and illegal actions against the American People, you will be totally responsible for what ensues. If you continue to intentionally divide the American people and pit us against each other to incite civil war, everyone will know that you are responsible for that horrible outcome.

Now since you, Mr. Biden, and many you have appointed to your cabinet, have distrurbing connections to the Communist Chinese Government, perhaps it is your intent to drive America into Civil War! We all know there is nothing that would benefit the Communists more than destroying the United States from within so that we are not able to check their plans for world domination by 2050. Our sincere question to all of you in this Administration is . . . . whose side are you on?

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