Dems Intend to Impeach Trump with NO Evidence

Thanks to the Ohio contingent of Congressional Cross Examiners, it is now crystal clear that the Democrat/Socialists intend to "impeach" the President of the United States with NO Evidence and No Crime . . . 

Mike Turner Gets Witness to Admit He has NO Evidence Against the President:

Jim Jordan Proves that their was NO Quid-Pro-Quo:


Brad Weinstrup proves "Assumptions" are NOT Facts:


Did you know that the Communist Left has organized Protests outside of Ambassador Sondland's family owned hotels in an effort to intimidate him and affect his testimony? (Click Here). They have been pressuring him to implicate the President and this activity is tied directly to Adam Schiff and other members of the Democrat/Socialist Party. Isn't that witness intimidation?  When is the Department of Justice going to investigate the people and organizations behind these unlawful activities?

How about if YOU DEMAND that they start today?

1)  Call/Write to US Attorney General William Barr
and DEMAND that those in the DOJ/FBI/CIA/NSA/State Dept/White House and other federal agencies who broke the law be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! Barr will not have the courage to act without public support!

2) Write Letters to the Editor and call-in to local talk radio shows explaining that without equal justice for all the United States can not exist.  Demand that law enforcement at all levels start doing their jobs and start treating all citizens equally.

3) Put your Trump sign back out in your yard to show support for our duely electect President and fly your Trump 2020 flag!

Turner Sondland by Tom Zawistowski is licensed under N/A N/A

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