DOJ Indicts Smartmatic but there is MUCH more to Know

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Smartmatic Faces Federal Grand Jury Indictment for illegal activities - Money Laudering is just the Start!

by Mark Finchem, Your, September 24, 2023

The biggest news since November 3, 2020 has just happened. DOJ has indicted SmartMatic –the software provider that all US election tabulation machines are built on– for accepting bribes in violation of U.S. money laundering statutes, The intended purpose of the bribes? The money was to influence the awarding of contracts for SmartMatic equipped devices that have been proven to alter election results, and specifically for rigging elections in the Philippines.

This happened because of a conservative prosecutor in Miami who did what real prosecutors and law enforcement professionals do, he followed the evidence (I know a novel concept). The charging documents reveal, at least four Smartmatic executives used “slush funds” and “fake contracts” to facilitate alleged bribes, masking the money transfer actions using fake email accounts.

The code word for the money they used? “Salsa” so the documents have alleged.

One can only imagine that the DS Washington DC DOJ has blown their proverbial top. Watching what is goin on with the propaganda machine is hysterical. America’s very own election fraud denier, Pravda America –also known as CNN– wrote, “Trump allies repeatedly peddled the lie that the company manipulated the results in 2020, despite the fact that its machines were only used in one California county that year.” (CNN, Marshall Cohen, 9/22/23) Talk about spin, perhaps the propaganda network should examine their souls for just a moment. (See Below and watch the Patrick Bryne video above to see that Smartmatic Software was used in EVERY US Election System including Dominion!)

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For its part in the saga, Smartmatic has filed defamation suits against anyone and everyone they can, engaging in what is called “lawfare”. Their strategy is to break the financial back of truth seekers. Named in the various lawsuits are Fox News, Newsmax, OAN, individual Fox journalists, Trump attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell.

It is shameful that the “news” media has shirked their First Amendment responsibility to seek truth and report on it. Instead, it is up to citizens to exercise their First Amendment right to speak truth to power, and that is what we have here.

Bautista, the recipient of the bribery money, was responsible for awarding $199 million in contracts to Smartmatic for about 94,000 voting machines and to handle the results of the Philippines’ presidential election in 2016. The machines are still in use, calling into question every election since.

To be clear, the criminal complaint against Bautista, that also names four un-indicted co-conspirators, doesn’t accuse Smartmatic of tampering with election results. But, the suit does open the door to discovery of election software, which is the subject of a common sense debate over hiding the so-called “proprietary code” from public inspection. A State Department report concluded that the 2016 elections in the Philippines “were generally free and fair.” However, unless 100% of paper ballots are compared with the machine count, and not a sample mind you, we will never know what damage has been done to the election process. You would think that CNN would applaud the idea of dispostiive comparison.

The DOJ has now appears to agree with election skeptics that SmartMatic equipped Machines rig elections through cyber methods, Just as cyber-warfare experts have been saying since about November 7, 2020.

Of course the likely comeback from the election Fraud denier crowd will be, “well SmartMatic only ran one county’s election in America in 2020, the Los Angeles county election!” That’s a silly dodge. When one buys a laptop from Acer, Dell, or Lenovo, they are buying a box from a company assembling components. The operating system of the computer, is Microsoft Windows. So whichever one of the three brands of computers, one buys, the inside is still the same operating system.

The same is true for election “management” equipment. The operating system inside is a SmartMatic software. Whether you buy Dominion, Hart, or ES&S, the operating system inside is the Smartmatic election management system. Also known as the “general election management system”. In 2018, Dominion, came up with their own name for it. Regardless of the re-branding, and the name change, the package is the same; this is a Smartmatic operating system.



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