WTPC Puts Up Billboards in Support of Police


For Immediate Release: Sunday, June 21, 2020

We the People Convention Launches Billboard
Campaign to show Support for OUR Police

Akron, OH: Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the TEA Party affiliated We the People Convention (WTPC) and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, announced that the WTPC is launching a billboard campaign to show support for local police by placing electronic billboards in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus starting Monday, June 22, 2020. The billboards say "We the People . . . Support OUR Police . . . and We will NOT allow them to be Defunded." According to the media buy, the billboards will be seen by over 1,000,000 Ohioans during their run.´╗┐

This is a picture of our electronic billboard in Cleveland on I-271  just South of the Harvard Road Exit facing North.  The Columbus billboard was at 2845 South Hamilton Road just North of Refugee Road facing South. The Cincinnati billboard was on I-75 one mile South of Mitchell Ave. facing North.

Zawistowski said, "We are taking this highly visible public position in support of our local police because we actually do care about the safety of our black brothers and sisters and we understand that no group among us is more in need of police protection than poor and minority citizens of all races who are trapped in dysfunctional Democrat controlled and run urban cities. We the People cannot stand by and allow extremist to put at risk our most vulnerable citizens and use them to advance their anti-American agendas by forcing communities to "Defund the Police." Our donors and members all over Ohio are sending a message to OUR local police that we support YOU and greatly appreciate the vital work that you do for our communities every day!"

Zawistowski added, "We totally reject the provably wrong premise that there is systemic racism in our police departments or in our nation. Our organization will be on the front lines defending and supporting OUR police all over Ohio, and working to support reforms that improve their effectiveness, while exposing the lies promoted by anti-American marxist groups like Black Live Matters and ANTIFA and their media allies."

´╗┐Zawistowski continued, "We the People are sick and tired of the lawlessness in our nation and demand that elected officials do the jobs we pay them to do! Which is first and foremost, to protect the safety of ALL citizens and the value of personal, business and public property. We find it unconscionable that mayors and governors in our nation are ordering police NOT to arrest rioters and then are allowing the courts to release, without charges, those few who are arrested. That is NOT Justice or the rule of law, that is Anarchy! We will NOT stand for it! These elected official are literally co-conspirators in the destruction of our cities by allowing these riots to happen under some misguided delusion that anyone is "justified" in destroying the property of other citizens - and even injuring and killing citizens and police officers!"

Zawistowski concluded, "We will be pushing the Department of Justice to investigate and bring federal charges against any state or local elected officials who are found to be co-ordinating with the terrorist ANTIFA group or Black Lives Matters, or other marxist anti-American groups, to assist them in their lawless assault upon our nation. We the People DEMAND that equal justice under the law be enforced for ALL citizens. Therefore, we will strongly support the efforts of law enforcement, at all levels, to restore that standard which has made our nation the most just, least racist, and most successful form of government in world history."

If you would like to have a copy of this sign to display on your property please send us an email or if you would like to help fund our desire to raise $10,000 to put these on electronic billboards throughout Ohio Please Click Here to Donate NOW!

Things YOU can do to Support the Police and help fight back against the "Defund the Police" leftist movement:

  1. Call your local Police (not 911 but the office phone) or go to the Police Station and just tell them how much YOU appreciate their service to YOU and YOUR Community!
  2. Buy them gift cards to a local pizza place or restuarant that delivers to show your appreciation.
  3. Call your mayor and/or city council member and demand that they support the police AND that they do everything they can to help the police in protecting you and your private property and public property in your community. Not tearing down or defacing statues!
  4.  Click here to see a list of 269 Companies that are mistakenly funding, or paying protection money, to the anti-american organizations like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matters and tell them that as a customer you want them to stop doing it and to instead help fund the police so that they can have better training and do a better job.
  5. Talk to policemen and tell them that they need to force their Union's to stop protecting bad cops before it destroys their profession completely!



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