Recommended Books

These Books are recommended by Tom Zawistowski and are not listed in any particular order:

THE COURAGE TO FACE COVID-19 - John Leake  & Dr. Peter McCullough MD

Live Not by Lies - Rod Dreher

Battle for the American Mind - Pete Hegseth & David Goodwin

The Real Anthony Fauci - Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Sickening - Dr. John Abramson

Apocalypse Never - Michael Shellenberger

Uptream - Dan Heath

Rigged - by Molly Hemingway

The Space Barons - by Christian Davenport

The Parasitic Mind - by Gad Saad

How to Win Friends and Influence Enemies - by Will Witt

The Shallows - What the internet is doing to our Brains by Nicholas Carr

Exiled Emissary: George H. Earle III - Chris Farrell

Enlightenment NOW - Steven Pinker 

Unmasked - Inside Antifa's radical plan to destroy democracy by Andy Ngo

The Rational Optimist - How Prosperity Evolves by Matt Ridley (Order Here)

Beyond Order - 12 more rules for Life by Jordan Peterson

The Madness of Crowds - Gender, Race and Indentity - by Douglas Murray

Salt, Sugar, Fat - Michael Moss

Blacklisted by History by M. Stanton Evans

The Pentagon's Brain by Annie Jacobson

Blood and Thunder by Hampton Sides

By the People by Charles Murray

Suicide of the West by Jonah Goldberg

12 Rules for Life by Jordon Peterson

The Pioneers by David McCullough

The Political Spectrum by Thomas Winslow Hazlett

GRANT by Ron Chernow

Win Bigly by Scott Adams

The Intimidation Game by Kimberley Strassel

The War on Cops by Heather Mac Donald

5,000 Year Leap by Cleon Skousen

TAKEOVER by Richard Viguerie

Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky

The Last Lion by William Manchester & Paul Reid

The Blueprint by Adam Schrager and Rob Witwer

SIDESWIPED by former Congressman Bob Ney

How Do you Kill 11 Million People? By Andy Andrews

Our Final Invention by James Barrat

Good Profit by Charles Koch

Patriots Guide to American History by Larry Sweikert and Michael Allen

@War by Shanee Harris

The Ruling Class by Angelo Codevilla

On Writing by Stephen King

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New GA Election Rules will Help Stop Cheating

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Republicans Pass 2024 Party Platform

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Democrat Commies Show they WANT Non-Citizens to Vote

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